Yeah, I changed my mind about the ‘true love’ thingy because that word is so cliche!
I just remembered that ‘Love’ means different things to different people, so I would rather stick to friendship. A lot of couples don’t get married based on this. I dunno, people just assume that married people should act in a certain way…well, not exactly, apart from stay happily married!
‘Friendship’ is a relationship of mutual affection between 2 people (as in the case of marriage). In marriage, allies are formed in struggle or hustle, sickness and in health. But what do we have these days? At the slightest discomfort or conflict, someone is packing bags and baggages and bailing out. No one is ready to share anybody’s ‘hustle’ or ‘struggle’ and then you say it’s marriage?
In friendship, communication should be easy. Nobody looks down on the other person, like a Lord and master kind of thing. Age, language, money can’t even get in the way.
Friendship allows you both to enjoy each others company even when the romance isn’t there at that point in time.
There is no big deal in sharing stuff in friendship, even your fart!!…Oops, I said it!
Friendship is doing favours for each other, even when this time it’s a real big deal!
Not staying angry at each other for so long defines true friendship.
I know you are thinking, “You are mentioning friendship too much in every sentence”…Yeah, I need to get it straight into your head that friendship is the true foundation of marriage. 
Friendship in marriage shouldn’t be restrictive or constrictive. It shouldn’t stop you guys from living your individual lives. You should have your friends and him, his. In other words, you should accommodate each other’s friends.
Marriage shouldn’t always be about sex but just plain hanging out like a brother-sister kinda thing…with arguments and conflicts here and there.
Marriage is about having fun with and in your lives!
So, what do you think?…Are you ready for the ride?! Leggo!


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