1. My answer is any of the above. Both have good and bad sides. I said any of the above, because one of my roles will be to nuture my wife to understand that marriage is made by God. Another is like the first : to build up trust between us and we can pursue common goals. Madam A needs to learn that it's not all about money. She has to be a good wife first and then comes career borne out of mutually shared visions. Madam B needs to get some clothes and 'cover body ' because she is my property and not for other people to devour, and also she needs to know that there is work to learn and do!


  2. Hahahahaha from de 2 pics babe with dat kind of shape u know men are moved by wht de see de will even offer u stay lilk dat forever by de time de are tired of seeing and want to switch to a fresher one u mst hav wasted ur time and age so for I hav been an advocate of being on ur own u will live longer and happier dan de other


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