I am sorry I really shouldn’t be doing this but you know me nah…I hate injustice in any form or format!
This gist should have been brought to you like since yesterday, but ‘housewife/career’ work no gree make I see road, and to top it all, my first ‘fruit’ is starting secondary school…so you can imagine all the preps!
I have this male client (patient if you like, because of the way some people’s mind dey do overtime!) whom I saw after 2 years since our last meeting (not sure of this grammar, but you get the idea sha). He looked very different, not only that, he looked contagiously excited and at peace with himself, that I had to ask out of curiosity (before what will be out of). It was when he started, that I remembered him and his ‘hot’ gist.
The first time I met this guy, he appeared generally anxious, on edge and if you like somewhat in a daze. He is nerdishly handsome. He is the type of man you could leave with loads of computer work and newspaper just to make him happy! He was married to a ‘mad’ woman…yes, mad O! The kind of woman that could talk for hours, non-stop. She did absolutely whatever she liked without seeking his opinion. She had no iota respect for my client…as in NO RESPECT! She denied him sex if she felt he didn’t deserve it!
They had been married for 5 years and no issue. By the 3rd year, my client thought it was time for them to seek professional help, but she declined. Everytime the issue was raised, she would insult the living daylight of my client claiming he was the one with the problem, that she trusts herself. *Now that explains his disturbed look on our first encounter*
The emotional and verbal torture from his wife continued until one day he overhead her on the phone making a ‘baby’ business transaction. He stopped dead in his tracks. He has never been in support of adoption (What’s his own sef?!) not to mention involving himself with illegal transactions. He reproached her on what she planned to do and yes you guessed right…insult upon insult. Anyway, with the kind of argument or quarrel they had, one would have thought that she would have a rethink! My client got back from work one day and saw that his dear wife had a new born baby she bought for about seven hundred thousand naira! He tried talking to her but she turned a deaf ear to all he had to say singing lullabies to the baby. To make matters worse, his mother inlaw was around to do ‘Omugwo’ meaning that ‘it is not today’s story he was dealing with’! That means also that his inlaw and his wife had been planning this adoption thing for donkey years!
To cut matter short, as my client started packing his box to leave his home, his mother inlaw and wife threw themselves on the ground begging him and confessing that it was not his wife’s fault but the fault of her ex-boyfriend who made her destroy her womb! So she had deceived him just to get married to cover her shame. Infact, the confessions were too much for him, he didn’t even bother carrying the packed box again, he just abandoned his once – upon – a – time home and rented another one. He started divorce proceedings on the grounds of DECEIT…and he finally got it not just from the court but from the church!
And you say, I shouldn’t celebrate with him! Some women are plain evil! I’m sure my client would have forgiven her but for her evil nature, she just had to GO!!
Please, if you know you are a wife in a similar situation, do a turn around now. Confide in your husband so that when ‘yawa’ gas, your husband will not deny you like peter denied Jesus!

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