Yeah! I know…when I received this distress email, I thought “Oh, Blimey! Do people still do ‘best-friends’ these days, more so, adults!”

Her name is Bukky (I am leaving out her surname).

    My name is Bukky,I am married with two kids and presently am a housewife.

   I am 34 years old and am desperately in need of a true friend,a best friend.


Well, she didn’t say if she wants a male bestie or female bestie.

Look Bukky, I understand what you might be going through. I don’t know how long you have been married for, but there comes a point when think you don’t know and can’t understand your spouse. Because in actual sense, our husbands are supposed to be our best friends, but a lot of factors put a strain on the relationship as soon as you guys get hitched! And babies, who are supposed to be blessings, ironically makes matter worse. *Hehehe, please, don’t ask me how* so somehow, the husband and wife sort of drift apart…

And then while he is trying to catch his groove on, you are looking for a maybe temporary ‘replacement’ that can help fill the void he may have created. So you try to turn to your supposed ‘friends’ and while you are unburdening your heart and soul, you discover that they are not who they actually claim to be! You find out that they are full of envy, hate or gossip, a complete opposite of what you bargained for, infact worse than your precious husband. You are immediately transported back to square 1! So you were pushed to send this distress mail, hoping and praying that there are a few good people out there…

Anyway Bukky, I have only one thing to say, if you like call it advice…Do you recognize this building?!….  If you do, please go inside and search for this awesome man … , unburden your mind to Him. You will never reget it. He is and will always be the best friend anyone can ever ask for. But you should still have friends O! …good ones at that sef.

Wish you all the best in your search!


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