God is awesome! It’s not like this is news to me O! I’ve heard but not seen this type of thing in Nigeria. The reason why I’m bringing this gist to you wifeys, especially those ‘waiting’ in The Lord or have not given up on God, is to prove to you that it is possible and that you should still hang on to your faith.

When I read this gist, I was glad it was not a Nigerian gist but an oyibo one. That way it will be easier to convince the ‘doubting Thomases’ that getting pregnant at an older age is achievable. If it had been a Naija gist, most people would not have believed it, they would have said all sorts like ‘She adopted that child joor’ or ‘It’s a surrogate child!’ Anyway, this is proof already…
According to New York Post, Tracey Kahn, conceived her 2nd baby when she turned 50years old last year, and is expecting her baby at 51years of age. Her first baby is 2years old. She has had numerous IVF treatments, not to mention the countless miscarriages or the side comments from strangers!
Tracy doesn’t care what others think and when asked “Are you their grandmother, she proudly replies, ” No, I’m their mother! Aren’t they lucky?!”
You can read all about her journey to becoming a mum here.

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