Congrats gurl! Loads of hugs and kisses! Click here for the full story and pictures.
…but sadly you have succeeded in scaring most of your prospective suitors away. It will take a man with ‘hepatomegaly’ (large liver) and ‘nephromegaly’ (large kidneys) to ask for your hand in marriage (and you will marry in Jesus name, that is if you so desire it…because marriage, I think is seriously over rated).
Babe, if you ask me O, I think you should have listened more to your father and chilled on buying this 3rd car. What an elderly person sees sitting down, a child cannot see standing. Trust me when I say I love and admire gurls like ya, but this is Live in Naija, where the men are seriously intimidated by strong women. I also believe that women should be able to make money on their own without necessarily depending on a man.
Men come in categories: some will show outright distaste for your success, some will pretend to love you and steal all your ‘gold’ while some will go ahead and marry you, then torture you until you spiritually and psychologically denounce your wealth. It is not your portion Linda in Jesus name.
Let me share a friend’s recent experience, maybe that will explain my paranoia…
A friend of mine is currently separated from her husband of 5 years, not by choice but by force. The man one day, just pounced on her, beating her black and blue, just after she had spanked her daughter for doing something wrong. It had never happened before in the history of being married to her husband. She finally opened up to me that her marital problems started after she bought a house for both of them. When she was about to buy the house, her husband knew about it O! He even encouraged her. Maybe he thought she would never be able to achieve it. One day, she brought home the keys to the house and invited the man to come with her to see the house, which he did. As soon as they stepped into the house, the husband turned to her and started cursing her and swore that she would never smell a dime of his money as long as they stayed married. That, she had the guts to buy a home before him!! The long and short of it is that, he stopped giving her money for housekeeping or personal upkeep and last year up till now, he has not ‘touched’ her, and now this. He has abandoned their rented apartment and taken their only child away from her. 
Now, this is just one story out of many! So my darling Linda, I’ll pray for you. You will only go higher not lower. You will marry someone who will love you more than you love him and beyond material things. You will marry a Prince or Oba in all sense of the word. 
I am still trying to research on why Men find successful Women intimidating. May God help us all IJN.


  1. On Linda's range congrats to her. I made up my mind not to put my life on hold for marriage when I was single. I just kept moving forward doing what I believed to be right. The truth is many women will not marry, the odds are against single 30 something old women. Whether you buy range o or you drive 504 or Volkswagen Tokunbo. I won't suggest that a women not stop living because of a man. On the other hand your married friend that bought a house and came to show her husband , my dear let me not lie to you, she was stupid!!! I don't agree that a man should ever lay his hands on a woman… Ever. She went about that situation wrong. If she had the money like that, she should split it into 50% put half in fixed deposit or college fund for her beautiful kids( no one knows tomorrow ) give her husband the other 50% for business or tell him to buy land for both of them. Her approach was wrong. I guess now her marriage is over she can enjoy her house by herself while learning some home training.


  2. There is a saying: “why do you prefer to crawl through life when God has given you wings?” Please dont raise your daughters to put aside their desires, dreams, or aspirations for a man. To marry is not by force. Free Linda abeg.


  3. Chidimma…..I kinda agree with you…..and I don't understand our extravagance in naija…..why do someone single needs to park 3 cars just because she can afford it and of course rub it in the nostrils of everyone? Not jealous but naija I hail o…..elsewhere people give to social causes without any broadcast and you see them using just one car…..we really need to have a value system reorientation… range rover means I've arrived? *smh* By the way she doesn't need to get married…..and with such money at het disposal, if she's desperate enough she can “buy” an handsome husband with 6 pacs self… doubt me just go to ikoyi registry!


  4. Am just asking? I might be naïve. Is it sponsors from her blog that generated the 24million or she has another business other than her blog. I do not understand why people put up there personal business on social media that when questions are asked they cannot answer. I better start my own blog, since it is very profitable.


  5. Abeg jo does she need a man to complete her?It is you who has said on this blog that women should do whatever makes them happy and not leave under the shadow of a man SO why the double standard?


  6. Not against her buying the car o but did she have to postit with all the pixs and details of purchase. I guess she should be dating someone now what I wonder was d mans opinion as regards the purchase. Well most marriages now re based on convenience. The car is 24million and as a calculating housewife her networth cannot be 25million. Am sure there are better mathematicians out there especially guys. Well what can I say if she cant get love she can still buy it


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