My goodness gracious…imagine waking up to read this kind of mail! I actually thought these things happen in the movies, Nigerian movies to be precise! But please, read first before we start rubbing minds.

But I like all these kind of gist sha! 

Read on…
Dear NHW,
I am a happily married man (or so I thought) with a handsome 18 months old son. Before I continue, please I want to say that I really enjoy your blog. 

 I ran into my ex-girlfriend in Shoprite after 5years of being apart. We are from different tribes and her parents, being Yoruba never approved of our relationship. I am an Ibo man. I have never truly stopped loving her and seeing her again brought the emotions back again, almost as if we were never apart. It has left me so depressed and I feel disconnected in every aspect of my life and it is beginning to affect the way I relate with my wife. The poor woman has not been a problem for me. I really loved her enough to take her to the alter until I met my ex again. 
If I must confess, I have been in touch with her for a few weeks now but I eventually had to tell her that we couldn’t continue the relationship since I didn’t want to hurt my wife. Sadly she agreed to it. This has further pushed me into another level of depression. I miss her badly, more so, since she is single. 
The problem I am having now is that, when I eventually confessed to my wife about the feelings I had for my ex and quickly told her that the relationship was over, she still annoyingly brings it up! I thought I was dealing with a mature person. I regret even telling her. 
The final problem is that I got a text message from my ex telling me how much she misses me and would want for us to meet. I really do not want to complicate my life with any stressful emotional relationship but I still have strong feelings for this girl. How can I tell if it’s love I have for her or whether it’s her friendship I’m craving. At this point, I feel more at ease telling my ex things than my wife who is less emotionally stable. 
Help me..how can I deal with this?!
*Bia, guy, which kind fake exam question is this?! Even my 9yr old can answer this question. In the first place, why should you bother your wife with an unnecessary yarn that will not yield any love. Did you expect your devoted wife to pop champagne on receiving that kind of gist. For your info, it’s not everything you open your mouth and start telling your spouse. There are some things that are best kept private! There is a massive difference between ‘Privacy’ and ‘Secrecy’. Privacy deals with thought, ideas or actions that are personal and in most cases better not shared. Therefore, recounting past escapades with your spouse that will not be ‘maritally’ productive, is highly unnecessary and private. 
Anyway, without mincing words…I’m sure you know what to do. If you guys were meant to be together, no matter the storm you would have been together! Please free this your old flame that is threatening your marriage. Any relationship that threatens your marriage is not worth keeping!! 
Lemme stop hia before I start vomiting…blog people, over to you.


  1. If you wouldnt want it or can't take it…please “don't dish” out to your spouse and expect it to be normal.
    It's irresponsible to endanger your marriage with some unnecessary “old flames”.
    Marriage is serious business!!


  2. She's an ex for a reason mate, so grow up and be the man and a good role model for ur son. You say ur wife is emotionally unstable but sounds like it's you who has his emotions all over the place


  3. Oga na wah o why will u even go back 2 ur vommit she is ur ex for crying out loud. Ofcause ur wife can b happy abt d news! Put her in ur shoe as said earlier.


  4. Lol…this man is very funny. Na long throat dey cause all these things o. My guy, face ur marriage n don't ruin what took you years to build. Your wife can turn to a totally different creature if u keep hurting her. Imagine ur wife telling you she's still in love with her ex. Common, you men shud put us in your shoes at times naa…


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