Morning peeps!

I should have posted this article like ages ago…but you know nah how the thing go!
I stumbled on this article in Linda Ikeji’s blog and thought I should bring it here for further deliberation.
Well it’s basically about what Seun Kuti said about marriage. And I thought “Hmmm…I’m kinda feeling this guy!”
Read here if you want to know what he said.
Please don’t get me wrong, I just think it doesn’t make sense to go all the way with an all time ceremony of a wedding and then few months to few years (if you are lucky it gets to years), the marriage crashes!
Or people tie the knots, only to start changing into all sorts of things (animals and birds inclusive!) or the man that used to give loads of stuff to you, suddenly becomes tight-fisted…not that he doesn’t have. He just feels that now that you have assumed that ‘most wanted’ position as a wife, you should cut down on your needs!
Tell me, after all these and many more things you enjoyed as a single person, wouldn’t you think marriage was not necessary!
*Please marry O all of you intending to tie the knots…I’m not trying to discourage you*
You know, lol, when my hussy is trying some stunt of not giving me what I ask of him (something he would have given when we were still unmarried), I just tell him to pretend that I am still in ‘girlfriend’ mode and not see me as a wife! It seems to me that that word ‘wife’ kinda distorts the way they relate with you.
So really, if you ask me (which I am sure you won’t!) I rather remain his ‘girlfriend’ than be his ‘wife’.
Being a girlfriend sure does come with a lot of benefits ( which could end anytime unfortunately since they are not legally bound)!
Don’t worry, just stick around more, in time I would try and compare benefits of being a wife with benefits of being a girlfriend! *Hehehe*
Have a blessed day!
N.B  If you have not voted…do that before you log out!!


  1. I really love reading your blog. Its very refreshing and honest. I agree with you about marriage changing things but this should not be the case.

    Marriage should bring us even closer and make us treat each other so much better because of our vows.


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