There is nothing somebody will not hear, that goes on in marriage. When you hear these things self, you think it only happens in movies.

I am sorry if you haven’t seen your letter up but be sure it will be published soonest. Read on…
Dear NHW, 
I think I have come to the end of the road in my marriage. I have been living in deceit for the past 5years. I deceived my husband into marrying me because he thought I was pregnant for him. At least that is what I told him in order to prevent him from getting married to the woman he truly loves. 
NHW, I have been living in sadness for a long time now because all I have done throughout our marriage is to get my husband to love me. I have finally accepted that no matter what someone does, if someone doesn’t love you, he can never love you. His heart is still with the woman he has always loved, my friend. Yes, my own friend. I betrayed my friend. 
I really do not want to go into how they met, but I took an interest in my friend’s boyfriend since school days. He is wealthy, fun loving and a perfect gentleman. I took advantage of these qualities. I pursued him till I got him to confide in me about his relationship problems with my friend. I was hell bent on getting him into my bed and in the process I fell in love with him. He likes me quite alright but he didn’t and doesn’t love me. I managed to get him into my bed and at the same time, I made sure it was at a time my friend would see us together. And that sealed the break up. My friend never forgave me ever since. 
I told him I was pregnant for him and him being a perfect gentleman, he thought he should do the right thing by getting married to me. We have been married for 5years now but it is clear even to the blind that there is no love in the marriage. I managed to deceive him into believing that I had a miscarriage and now ever since, I am still waiting on The Lord. I think God is trying to punish me. 
I want to tell my husband the truth so that I can release him from his misery. Each day I watch him diminish from who he really is and I can’t take it any more. But then I am thinking is there any point, since we are married. 
Please help me make a decision. 
*Okay, we have ‘read’ you. I only have one advice for you…confess to your husband and beg for forgiveness from him and your friend. You also owe God an apology. 
Mnyle, peeps, a new Poll is out, go and vote on the home page. You people should stop reading only gist na, and try and look around the page! Hian! The Poll Question is “What would you do if you caught your spouse cheating on you with your sibling?”

Have an awesome day!


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  2. You were just a wicked soul! I remember what my jealous friend did to me, similar to this. I forgave her tho but never trusted her. We aint friends anymore, we didn't even attend each other's marriage ceremony. Ask God to forgive u and get ur friend to forgive u. In your next life, don't,I repeat, dont dare it. Long throat girl. #sticking out tongue*


  3. Definitely God is punishing u becos whatever a man or woman sows is what he or she reaps. She who deprives others of their joy will have her joy taken away from her.
    You need to confess and repent that God may show you His mercy.


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