Oh my luvlies! I’m so sorry for wishing you a happy new month this late…3 days after (Oh, drat! I’m on call today!). It’s not that easy having to handle so many things at a time, especially things one is passionate about. 
As you all know, we have now entered the dreaded ‘mber’ months and you all know the scare that comes with these months but anyway it’s not our portion in Jesus name. I have a few good words for you guys sha…
For all you fellas who are still searching to fill that void in your heart concerning your career and all, I hope this helps. 🙂
If you who are in the nasty habit of complaining, know that…
For all you fighting couples, it’s high time you know that…
…because really nothing and no one is perfect in this life. If by now you haven’t learnt anything after being together all these years, then you should understand that…
Let by-gones be by-gones and just… 
Or better still, your problems so that you get instant answers!
Oh, well! After all said and done,
So,  and stick around with me! Keep the mails coming darlings and share posts with your loved ones.

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