Oh my goodness, wives! While I was about to send in my post for the day, I stumbled on this very important stuff that had to do with ageing, wrinkling or whatever you want to call it! 

Not that this ‘gist’ concerns me as such (yeah, say it…”I’m vain!”) but I do have some really ‘cuckoo’ friends who it totally affects! They never listen when I advice them, they say I’m a ‘babalawo’ doctor (in other words native doctor).
Anyway, according to Women’s health magazine, even though wrinkles are a part of ageing and life, our beauty routines and other habits can contribute tremendously to it! So if you are involved in any of the following, you better stop immediately:
1. Smoking – this has been proven to cause wrinkling. It makes the skin droop and have uneven complexion. It also contributes to the lines around the eyes called “crow’s feet”. 

2. Diet – you better believe it or not, “you are what you eat!” *Gbam!*. Too much sugar (refined one) in your diet, not only affects your weight, it makes you age by a process called Glycation. It is a process whereby the sugar molecules attach to the proteins in your skin (even the collagen that every magazine shouts about), causing them to be stiff and malformed. This results in a loss of facial elasticity, contours, puffiness and fine lines. 

3. Alcohol – this one totally dehydrates the skin. It depletes your vitamin A level which is an important antioxidant for the skin and regeneration of new cells. Vitamin A is also necessary for collagen formation – so no collagen for your skin if you keep drinking! *Ntoing!* #theyknowthemselves

4. Chewing Gum – * thank God, I’ve stopped this one by force not by choice* . It produces wrinkles around the lower mouth, as well as, messes the mouth structure. 

5. Not Removing Makeup – *i can’t shout too much for this one…too many ‘sinners’ out there*. The make up and other environmental pollutants accumulate on your skin, seeping into your pores, breaking down collagen and elastin. So, make sure you cleanse and moisturizer every night before bed!

6. Picking Pimples – nasty habit! Allow it to come and go naturally or you apply some treatment. When you pull and or pick, you are seriously damaging your skin, creating irritation and scars. 

7. Stretching Your Skin To Apply Makeup – *Hands up! It used to be my favorite past time!* especially when applying liquid eyeliner or mascara! *Hehehe! Chics out there, are you feeling me?!*  Stop tugging at those eye, it encourages them ‘crows’….if you know what I mean!

8. Not Using Sunscreen – this is the worst thing anyone, especially women can do to themselves! It still beats me how women use ‘bleaching’ creams more judiciously than sunscreen! Even with our ‘Naija’ sun. Nna mehn! You people are trying! If you don’t know the one to get, can you not ask?! Wear the sunscreen everyday, whether rain or shine. Choose a minimum of SPF 30 and one that contains zinc oxide and titanium dioxide ( I almost started writing equation here to confuse some people but the Spirit ministered to me!) 
9. Sleeping – in fact!… Sleeping on your face causes wrinkling. *Hian* if you must sleep on you face! then sleep on a satin or silk pillowcase. The other alternative is to sleep on your back.
Dais it, my people! Anyone who has other things to add, feel free in the comment box! 
Do have a fun filled and blessed day. 


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