Blog readers, good morning O! I got this mail and the lady in question wants to know her chances of been caught! I really do not know what to make of this, because I am really ‘flabberwhelmed’! You women never cease to amaze me!
Read on…
Dear NHW,
I am writing you live from London. I have been following your blog and I must confess, I am hooked! I am actually writing to confess my ‘sin’ and I had an argument with a friend who claims that I am taking a huge risk in what I am doing and that chances are high that I might be caught. I want to prove to her that some people do things for a just cause and because of that God shields them. So I need people to comment and tell me if I am wrong.
I am married with 3 children, the last being 6yrs old. I am in my late 30s. My marriage is somewhat a happy one except that my husband is quite stingy towards me. He doesn’t really take care of me despite his financial buoyancy. He can do anything for his children and his relatives but when it comes to my own, his hands become really tight. 
I am a graduate of a reputable University in Nigeria but I have never worked since I got married. I and my husband thought it best for me to stay home and take care of the children. And since I wasn’t being taken care of by my husband I decided to look for means to make money for myself. I stumbled on a friend one day whom I had not seen in close to 8yrs and she was heavy with child. We got talking and I opened up to her what I was passing through and that was when she told me that the pregnancy she was carrying was not for her and her husband, that this was her 2nd surrogate pregnancy. She said her and her husband decided to go into it for financial reasons. 
When I got home later that day, I gave what she revealed to me a deep thought and decided I was going to do the same. I managed to psyche my husband to enrol me for a Masters in the UK because that would and should give me enough time to carry the pregnancy I was planning. My friend linked me up with potential clients who desperately agreed to my terms. NHW, you can’t imagine my excitement then. If anyone told me I would have this much cash in my hand, I would have sworn for them.
I got admission into the school of my choice in London and I left for it 2 months after the insemination. No one knew in Nigeria apart from that my friend. I am now 8months gone and still no one knows! I have not gone home since I left for school but I have been skyping with family members. I don’t allow them see the lower part of my body. Luckily for me, I do not swell up during pregnancy.
So that is it O! My situation, as far as I am concerned is a Win-Win one. At the end of the day, everybody will be happy! 
*Coughing and clearing my throat* …Bia, this woman, you are being very deceitful and I don’t remember reading anywhere where deceit pays! You are acting out of your own selfish interest because you are not even thinking about your kids, God forbid, if anything should happen. Now your friend is trying to put ‘bad-mouth’ inside what you are doing by saying you will be caught, you better pray your way out of it! And please be careful who you share your personal business with. It would have paid you to confide in a very close relative such as a sibling. For the record, my dear woman, money isn’t everything so basing all your happiness on money is preposterous.
Over to my panel of judges…

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