Just when I was dealing with the ‘selfie bug’, taking different positions (you see that’s what the ‘selfie bug’ does to you, it makes you move your head and body in different positions, until the ‘fits’ wear off!), my last daughter peeps through the door of the room, and guess what she asks me?…

 Yeah! God knows I have been trying unsuccessfully for sometime now to ban ‘Indomie’ and all it’s counterparts in my house! 
It’s scary to know that some kids are extremely comfortable eating that Indomie 3-6 times a day as a main meal. With all the stuff I have been hearing about Indomie, how it’s made from the material used in producing nylon or whatever, and that it is known to cause heart issues or cancer! Sometimes all these talk makes me question my abilities as a doctor! I forget that I should have evidence-based medicine as a guide in my decisions and just act as a plain ( well not exactly plain…hehehe!) old ( there I go again!…) mother!
Anyways, I summoned my kids and we had a long talk on restrictions on Indomie consumption until I totally ban it. You should have seen their faces! I won’t lie, it touched my heart sha and it almost made me withdraw my statement, but thank God I stood my grounds!
Few days passed, and it seemed like I was winning until my last baby ( yes O! Last…all you evil people sending me arrow of children…back to sender O! *clapping and shouting in market woman style*) comes and does that…pix above! 
What do you think my reply was?…the first person that guesses right will get a recharge card of his or her preferred network! I am serious. 
While you are thinking of the answer, this is one of my treasured selfies of all times…you can have as a keepsake! *tongue out* 


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