O my Goodness Gracious! You are about to read something mind-blowing!…a mail I just got from one of my readers. 

This reader needs your advice. *But I’m not sure if she really needs advice as she claims or just looking for an avenue to report herself* Lols!!
Babe, I am not laughing at you O! But the awkwardness of the whole situation. 
Please, people read on…
Dear NHW,
I can’t even begin to describe the kind of soup I am in right now or how I even got into this mess I am about to share with you.
I have been married for 5 years with 2 handsome boys. And in those 5years of marriage, I have never worked. My husband is a civil servant and if I must say, coping has not been that easy. This condition affected me so much that I slowly dropped from my normal size 18 to a size 12.
I think my sudden weightloss somehow paid off, because I got a job as a personal assistant to the managing director of a consulting firm. My husband doesn’t know this, he thinks I got the post of a marketing executive. It’s something he has always showed distaste for..Personal Assistant. He always felt there were other ‘jobs’ attached to it. Well, he didn’t think wrong. 
My boss took an immediate attraction for me, and I him. An affair soon started, a stormy one sef. He went as far as renting an apartment for me in Lekki, far from where I stay in Surulere. We would spend most weekends there. My husband believed that as a marketing personnel, we had regular trainings. I usually got my mum to stand in for me on those days. 
Since I got the job, things have gotten a lot better; I have a car of my own, I pay my children’s school fees, I even contribute to the house rent. In short I lack nothing! But I am emotionally drained and it is beginning to take a toll on me. I am tired of the arrangement, maybe it is because I have almost all I need or I don’t love my boss. All I know is that I am tired and I want out. How do I break off from something as deep as this? I am scared of the outcome. I don’t want anyone blackmailing me or destroying my face or family out of rage! Please help me voice out. 
*Wow! My dear I don’t envy you at all! I can imagine what you are going through. It is not in my place to judge you for your problems because I am not perfect either. All I can say is that you need to do what makes you happy without necessarily hurting your loved ones. And since this is bothering you so much, the only adult thing to do is to look for a conducive moment and talk to your boss about it. I am glad you never mentioned anything about domestic violence, because I was looking out for that! So he doesn’t appear to be a difficult person. I would advice you stop living in deceit since it is already affecting you negatively. And prayer does absolute wonders!*
Over to you O! My people. 


  1. What the hell? You messed up when you fell into your boss’s bed in the beginning. Now I just don’t see how you remove this spear without bleeding to death. Continue to provide for your sons and there is no reason to break your husband’s heart. God knows what we know not. How your situation was able to progress to this on a spiritual level is a mystery, but God always has a plan. Work with it and in time you will understand. Don’t damage your children.

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  2. Resign. Involve lawyers and the police should he try blackmail. Confessing to your husband that u lied about your job title plus your job description at this juncture is just un burdening yourself and giving him license for bad behaviour. Man up!!!!! Suffer the guilt of everything alone. Tell him only if you must but be prepared. Life as you knew it with him will be over. Men do not have a sense of humor about cheating or lies.


  3. Tell your boss to go to hell! Quit the job and go to mfm for deliverance cos you are a deliverance candidate. It's selfishness that makes women do this! Ask God for mercy and grace to start afresh. All will be well.


  4. Firstly, are you ready to forsake all the perks that come with the relationship? If u are, then u can tell your boss how you feel and hope he will stop at just being upset. I'd however he doesn't you might also loose ur home so consider talkong.to your husband about it after you have broken it off and pray he forgives you OVER TIME


  5. Hmm. . This is deep! Express your mind to your boss. Quit the job. Devote more time to your family. This one needs a lot of prayers o. ? It works like magic. U need God o o!


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