This Ebola Virus has given the whole world quite a scare. *phew!* I mean, I had to practically give my kids a full lecture on Ebola and how to prevent it. 

I even thought my ipad had caught the virus! For almost 2weeks my ‘baby’ suffered a ‘sore-throat’ and lost its voice! And Voila! Only for this afternoon, it survived the virus!
Anyways, amidst all the tears and fears of Ebola, it’s good to know that people have actually survived this dreaded disease! 
According to Jo Dunlop, a UNICEF consultant based in Sierra Leone, people have survived the Ebola virus. Before they are released from the Ebola Treatment Centre, they are presented with transport money to get home, a clean set of clothes, and a certificate declaring that they are healthy and now Ebola-free. 
Pictures after the cut…
So you see, with God on our side, we can overcome these disease. 

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