Williams ... yesterday and The late Mrs Nzewi

All these chewing-gum boys! I don’t understand why highly placed women in the society will be mingling with small boys all in the name of *cough…throat clearing…se you get?!*

The woman in question was previously married and left her husband because he was persistently unfaithful to her, cheating on her with housemaids especially. 

*I don’t and can’t understand why a woman will leave her husband because he is cheating on her? When it comes to the issue of domestic violence, she will not leave but would rather prefer to die there!* SMH…misplaced priorities! Most men are wired to be polygamous…women get that into your thick skull! There is no guaranty that when and if you leave your unfaithful husband, the next guy won’t do worse! 

Anyway back to the story, such was the case of the woman above…

Late Njideka Lizzy Nzewi, mother of four, was until her death, the Managing Director of Edmark International networking company, who dated this loser, 31year old Kenechukwu Williams, a dealer in second hand clothes in Accra, Ghana.
*You see what I am saying?! Do you notice the difference in social class?! I mean women, if you are going to leave your husband for another man, be sure you get someone bigger and better in class, say an Aliko-Dangote-kinda man! Not a trader of second hand tinz!! Scary stuff!! #endtimes

Anyway, what would you expect from a loser, who claims he killed the lady because she was cheating on him! *Imagine the Idiat!! What does he have sef?!*

After killing her, he said he escaped out of fear! Fear, indeed! He was so afraid and he still had time to steal her properties in liaison with the security guard. * this makes one scared of hiring domestic staffs* The Idiat still had time to use the woman’s ATM cards to withdraw money. *You never see fear until you enter prison!* 

This should be a lesson to all women who are planning to leave their husbands because he is cheating on you. I have told you, you only leave because of domestic violence. It’s better to pray your way out of the problem, or you get busy with other things or you make money off the situation or…just come up with something other than leaving. You may end up jumping from frying pan to fire! 

May the soul of Njideka rest in perfect peace. Amen. 


  1. God help our women to understand marriage a lot more than dey do alredy… this isn't to say that men have certificate to knack anyhow sha ooo… I no support dat one


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