I am sure that by now, even the unborn babies know that Ebola is not only in Nigeria,but life in Lagos! Everyone is now at risk of ‘catching’ it. 

I have tried so hard to ignore its presence in Nigeria by “covering me and my family with the Blood of Jesus” but God knows, I have to face reality. 
The Federal Government has confirmed it. The Minister of Health, Prof Onyebuchi Chukwu, has gone as far as writing the Director of the United States for Disease Control, begging for their ‘miracle’ serum. If America answers them, they will ‘hopefully’ use it as they said they would! I am saying this because, some people are already smacking their lips and planning how they will imitate and then sell the serum.  
So for now, the Minister is advising everyone to avoid shaking hands and as far as I am concerned, even hugging sef, because the virus is highly contagious and infectious. 
Has anyone noticed how hand sanitizers are finishing in the shops and supermarkets?! And even if you see, the prices are simply outrageous. One that would normally go for N300 is now as high as N700. Aagh aahn! Trust my people to seize every golden opportunity.
I also noticed that everywhere I go, every Tom,Dick and Harry seems to be wearing face masks and gloves, even the pepper seller , gate men and even my house keeper! Duh?! When in actual fact, I should stop my house keeper from coming to my house for the mean time..one can’t be too sure where she’s been and all! 
Let me use this medium to beg my Ibo people, whom I heard have been sneaking their dead relatives who lived in Liberia and Sierra Leone  across the borders into the country. Please for God’s sake and for the sake of your healthy loved ones, leave the bodies there. Trust me, the soul which is most important has detached from the body. 
Finally, if you need more info on this dreaded virus, according to the Minister, you can visit this website http://www.ebolaalert.org 
May God protect us all. Amen. 

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