Good morning people!

A lot of you have been bombarding me with your letters while some are accusing me of not posting theirs. Please forgive and forget…my hands are too full! But there is a particular letter that caught my interest and I couldn’t help but share it with you guys! Lol! The women will understand after they’ve read it…

Dear NHW,
I have to commend you on your interesting blog and thank you for giving we aggrieved husbands an avenue to vent! I am writing to complain about my wife and what she does that really gets to me.

I have been married to my wife for close to 10 years now and we are blessed with 4 beautiful children. I try within my capacity to provide for the family, even her as well. She knows how much I earn, in fact, she knows how money comes in and goes out. For the past 2 years now, she has been complaining that the money I give her monthly for house keeping is barely enough. I have tried to explain to her that if I had more, I would definitely increase it, but she either lacks patience or does not believe me. She is a secondary school teacher and so sometimes I beg her to support, but you know you women now.

For some months now, I noticed that my money has been shortening. I can be careless at times and some times I buy beer for my friends so that adds to the confusion. When I want to ask her, I feel too ashamed to. But twice, I have managed to confirm that she has been stealing my money. One of the times, I came home with exactly N6,000 and by morning I met only N4000. I accosted her immediately, and if you hear the way she answered me, even you will feel for me. I let that one go. Another time, someone who was owing me N10,000 paid me and I brought it home, I did not spend out of the money but Lo and behold, I met only N7,500 in my pocket. Immediately, I accosted her and demanded that she releases the money. NHW, if you had heard how this woman insulted me saying things like “Did you catch me?” “Did you see me spending your money?” “How much is the money sef? Lemme borrow you?!” “It is poverty that is affecting me”. You know, now I see why some men beat up their wives and unfortunately I don’t know how to beat women.

NHW, please tell me, is this right? So a man cannot trust his wife again? If a man cannot trust his wife, then who can he trust? You mean to tell me that my wife cannot ask me for money and I won’t give her. How do I handle this situation?

*Hian O! My darling complaining husband, as I am reading your letter I am ROTFL!! At this point, it is only God that can come to your aid. I think I am the last person you should be asking…*cough* my friends can testify to that! If I advice you now, I don’t know how realistic it will sound? To say it is easy to satisfy a woman, it is a big lie. I am one of such women. But one thing is sure, if you don’t want your money to be tampered with, see how you can liaise with your account officer in your bank! *Sticking my tongue out*  But in as much as you keep bringing that ‘dough’ home, I cannot swear that it will not be touched…Take heart O nna!

But look on the brighter side…she is not actually stealing but taking to help maintain the house. Look around you…sebi, your kids are hail and hearty? Your wife looks good (I hope she is not the wrapper-tying ones?). Thank God it’s even In-house taking.

Who knows…does anyone have any advice for this distressed man with a taking wife?!

7 thoughts on “MY WIFE STEALS MY MONEY!

  1. Husband and wife are one..So your money belong to your wife also..As for us wifes, it is always better to ask or inform our husband eaither before or after taking money. As for husbands, it is selfish of those that keep money in their bank account just because they don't want their wifes to know how much they have or have made for the day. To all wifes, please work and earn your money, because husbands always use money to punish their wifes.


  2. Bros na so, u need to keep dat money for bank o. All women r d same. Just hope she's not giving dat money to her relatives without your permission


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