How many of you agree with this statement?

This article is not meant to cause any form of conflict in the home or demean the role of husbands in the home. What I saw yesterday just got me thinking, that’s all.

Driving home from work, I saw a heavily pregnant ready-to-drop woman hawking a massively large tray of ‘Agege’ bread. This is a woman who is managing to carry the pregnancy talk less of the load on her head! Something similar to the pix below…

Imagine the distance she had to walk to sell bread of how much under the harsh weather. I just thought it’s only a wicked and lazy man who would put his wife out in that condition so as to bring home the daily bread. And this type of man is probably doing something similar to the pix below…
or worse still playing ‘Baba Ijebu’! But you can tell by the determination on her face, nothing was going to stop her from providing for her unborn child or the little ones at home.
I dunno, but I see things differently…a woman should be seen as a gift from God to men and to the world. Therefore, she should be handled with care.
I see her as a manager of the home, under the oversight of her husband. Her primary role, as far as I am concerned, should revolve around the daily care of children, meal preparation and keeping the house in order. Getting a job should be optional, whereas for her husband, it is mandatory.
Women should…”get married, bear children, keep house”. (1 Timothy 5:14)
These days, I seem to get more and more confused as to what the role of a woman is in marriage. Roles seem to be reversing in my eyes! Who should stay at home? Who should pay most of the bills? Who looks after the kids, not to mention the home front? (Banker wives, please take note) Who does house work? Who assists who? Who calls the shots at home? Who is the decision maker?
These are some of the questions that go through my head! 
Have a blessed day! Ehen…who is the husband and who plays wife? *sticking my tongue out*


  1. @ Anonymous 12:49pm…thanks for your contribution. you are absolutely right but this article is not meant for those situations you highlighted. it's for men who do almost the same as those in the illustration above.


  2. What Nigerian women need is access to birth control. Free. With transport fare included. Sex is the poor man's entertainment. That is why poor women have so many kids. From the first child, give her contraceptives. Give her transport fare to and from the clinic. Plus jara. Do that and watch how our fertility rate will drop. Our high birth rate is a direct consequence of our high poverty level.


  3. hmnnn… first thing..as the woman ''is a gift from God to men and to the world'' , men also are ''gifts'' also. we ladies tend to overlook this part. as we are God's precious daughters, I think he has precious sons too! so pls both men and women are precious and should be respected as such. ( as you are a ''princess biko he is a prince too)
    Secondly, one has no idea of the true situation of the woman you mentioned in your post. yes men are supposed to be providers and women are helpers as said in the bible but what if her husband is dead, or equally working twice as hard and she insists she must help? lets not be too quick to judge..yes some men might be doing exactly as the picture above depicts but each family has their own dynamics and mode of operation. what if the man is out of work and has been trying to get a job for years? or maybe struck down with some terrible ailment? would she say 'he is the man' so I will not work? I will not feed my children etc? even the proverbs 31 woman we all long to emulate doesn't seem like someone who casually works or works because she wants too. she is n enterprising woman!!
    and at the end of the day whether she decides to work or he stays at home remains THEIR decision and more the man to make.


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