Please do forgive my manners…

Wishing you guys a splendid new month! I just love new months! In fact, new everything…

I love the feeling I get from new months: I get psyched to start afresh, start a new timetable, start a new life, clean my closet, put my kids in the ‘laundry’ *hehehe*

Even though I hate the month of August, maybe because of names like Augustus, Augustine, Augustina! I just dunno, but I am hopeful, because it is a NEW MONTH!

August’s 2 flowers are ‘sword lily’ and ‘poppy’. Sword lily for remembrance, calm, integrity and infatuation. Red poppy for pleasure, the white one for consolation and the yellow for wealth and success.

Therefore, I am wishing all my fans a month of calm, pleasure, wealth and success. Please don’t forget to comeback and say your ‘thank you’ for all I have wished you. *wink wink*

Stay blessed.

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