There is nothing somebody will not hear! Just when I’m thinking my husband is the only one that has major ‘issues’, I get a mail from another woman whose husband’s plate I think is ‘full’…Lol!
Read on, 
Dear NHW, 
I hope this mail gets to you and you publish it, but please do not put my name.
I have a serious marital problem that I can’t keep to my self anymore and it is about my husband. 
Funnily, the problem has always been there even before I got married to him, but I thought it was a mere joke then because he was a bachelor. The problem is that he always moves around with a traveling bag filled with all the necessities you can imagine, at the trunk of his car. In the traveling bag, you will see toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, comb, clean shirts, trousers, and boxers, not to mention ‘mini-breakfast’ stuffs like coffee, milk, sugar and a mug! 
Please, what type of husband does that?! As far as I am concerned, only a philandering type of husband would do that! I have approached him on the subject and instead of being repentant, he tries to justify his actions! He claims his job is the type that insists that he must be ready to travel at anytime!   NHW, what kind of stupid job?! As if I do not know the type of job he does! Granted, sometimes his job entails traveling because he is an auditor by profession and if he travels, it may be like once in three months but not to the extent of leaving a traveling bag in the trunk of a car permanently!
NHW, you know why I do not believe or trust him, he sometimes spends the weekend outside our marital home even without the office sending him and no apologies! That is not right! He is making to turn to something else O! He comes back late from wherever and still expects me to enter the kitchen! Well, I’ve told him that enough is enough, so my curfew for the kitchen starts at 9pm. Any time later than that, he is on his own!
So I need advice, on how to approach this matter because I am running out of patience! I need husbands especially to advice me on how to advice their ‘colleague’.
Thank you. 
*Choi Choi Choi Choi Choi* But Husband(s) why now?! Please if I may ask “what kind of *cough cough…se you get?!* is so sweet that it has to keep you away from your family talk less of your home?” …#justaskingO

The beginning of love for *cough cough…se you get?!* is the downfall of a man!!

Fellow readers, over to you because this one heavy small for me. Asking this husband to stop putting the travel bag in his car will be so cliche! 

Any way dear, just calm down. Being worked up won’t allow you have a clear head and reason things out properly. One thing is for sure, look for a time when HE IS AT HOME AND RELAXING to talk to him about how you feel and if you guys can work out a solution or at least meet somewhere in the middle. Reacting negatively to the situation, is not going to help matters…you go just jam ‘aja okuta’!

Prayer, lest I forget, always plays a major role in all situations! From prayers, you can draw wisdom to help you deal with your present situation. And don’t forget to examine yourself, there might be something you are doing that may be pushing him away. He will not tell you if you are expecting that. Men can be babies, they usually have a problem expressing themselves except to throw ‘Tantrums’!

House O!…comments please


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