Na wah O! Na wah for finding love in the ‘wrongest’ possible way! 

Good sexy morning to y’all…before I forget my manners.
I just have to share this with you guys, lest I quench! 
Yesterday, I met a supposed ‘power’ couple at the clinic. The wife was actually the one who had issues with her health and her doting husband agreed to accompany her. *Awww, how sweet* *in Zelda’s  voice* 
Anyways, it got to a point of the history taking, I had to ask the lady’s husband to excuse us for ‘confidentiality’ purposes. I was about to take her social/sexual history and wasn’t sure if she wanted her husband to know all the details! 
I asked her when she achieved ‘sexarche'(her first sexual experience)…and without wasting time, knowing where I was going to, she told me as a matter of fact that it was her husband that disvirgined her when he and a couple of guys raped her in her university years!!  Of course, I was not only shocked, I was totally disgusted and nauseated! *Please O! I didn’t let any of what I was feeling show on my face or else she won’t give me all the juicy details of her ‘romance’ with her ‘rapist’ husband*
Please, I needed to find out from her how possible it was for her to fall in love with someone who raped her. She said it wasn’t something she had planned to do. But for her God works in mysterious ways. True. She said after she had been raped, she swore for the guys that took her dignity away and vowed never to get married to any man, no matter how charming. Her heart was full of hate then and she couldn’t share her agony with anyone, not even her family, for fear of stigmatization. 
Six years after the incidence and after she had graduated from university, she got a job in a consulting firm. She met her husband there and they got close surprisingly. It was in the course of their romance that her husband started confessing to her about something he did in his university years and which he has not been able to forgive himself for. He confessed to her how he and 4 of his friends raped a young girl who was coming from class one late evening. He said he was the first to pop her ‘cherry’ and it was after his round that the scales fell off his eyes on what he had done…but he couldn’t take it back! 
She said after she heard the story, she broke down in tears and cried the tears of long ago, tears she had not been able to cry! She broke up with him but her husband was not ready and willing to give her up just yet! It took him another 6 months to win her back but it had to be on her own terms, that he got some deliverance in her church!
Na wah O! See how God works…
Even though I am still in shock, may our girls never have to be raped before they find love in Jesus name. Amen. 


  1. this is really awkward. How will i tell the love story to my children . Will have to tweak it it be that.
    Forgiveness at work


  2. Be rest assured anonymous 11:26am that all my posts are with the consents of my clients. For this particular client of mine, she didn't mind if I posted her story as long as I leave the names out. Besides, she has always heard about the naijahousewife blog 🙂


  3. But if ur supposed client gets to read this story will she be happy? Seeing that you are breaking the ethical code of doctor/patient confidentiality? Just Asking?


  4. But if ur supposed client gets to read this story will she be happy? Seeing that you are breaking the ethical code of doctor/patient confidentiality? Just Asking?


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