Good morning people.

And yes, I cover my face in shame. Some of you have written me, asking why they have not been getting regular posts from me. So, my answer is this…work, work and more work! But I promise to change! 
I have, in the recent past got quite a number of emails from concerned or disturbed wives, who want me to publish them so as to get candid advice from NHW readers.
Read on…
Dear NHW,
I am getting seriously upset with my husband, in fact, disgusted with his behaviour towards handling home affairs. He doesn’t allow me to exercise my full role as madam of the house, especially when it comes to choosing my house helps and giving them instructions.
I hate that he is the one that interviews the maids that apply for jobs, and it must be on his own terms and specifications! My opinion does not count. And the most annoying thing is that I noticed that the maids he eventually employs have a particular “something”…big butts! I hate to sound like this but that has been my observation.
Okay, as if that is not enough, when the maids eventually start work, he doesn’t allow them work the way they are supposed to. He keeps complaining that I overwork them and even says it in front of them. For crying out loud, “Are they designer maids?!” I have approached my husband severally about this issue and he will apologise but go back doing the same thing.
I am writing because I don’t know what to do again O! He won’t allow me to choose the maid I want, he won’t pay their salaries (yes O!, I am the one that pays their salaries) and on top of every thing, he won’t allow them do the work they are supposed to do. For these reasons, the stupid maids don’t respect me.
I am beginning to think that there is more to this than meets my eye! I don’t have proof of anything but one day na one day, monkey go go market and e no go return!
*Hehehe, Choi, Choi!* This reader will not kill me! My dear I can feel you and what you are going through. I don’t allow my husband to put hand or finger in my home affairs, talk less of paying their salaries. He doesn’t even mention their names…If he needs anything, he tells me, me (The Boss Lady), yah man! This type of husband self, you need to watch his relationship with the maids closely or else one day,  you will go out and find out that you have been locked out of the house! God forbid sha.
So country people, over to you!


  1. Tell the maid you won't pay her again. Kuku get a cleaning service to sort out your house thrice a week. Get a cook to come weekends and you both sort out food for the week. Buy inverter for freezer


  2. Yeah, I think I like the idea of the woman saying she doesn't need a maid and then let's see how the husband reacts to that! Be cos I am very convinced he has ulterior motives with each maid he chooses. Mscheew! !


  3. This is very serious, I feel her husband has a relationship with each maid he decides to bring home and they both(husband and maid) have a hidden agenda that madam dosn't know . Open ur eyes woman!!! Why not tell ur husband u no longer need a maid and watch his reactions?


  4. If you are paying the maid's salaries, you have a right to he part of the interview process. You need to speak to your husband and let him know how you feel about this. The maids of these days don't want to work. They just want an easy life. Don't ignore your instincts. Communicaton is the key but don't nag him if he refuses to listen.


  5. Na wa o. Madam you need to get a grip of yourself in the house. A house help is not a piece of furniture or equipment. She is another person's child. it's just because of situation that is why she is doing that job. A lot of women treat house helps like dirty rags. It's high time women start treating their house helps with love.


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