According to The Ladies’ Home Journal, friends are like shoes, that you have to keep trying until you get the right fit. It’s almost impossible to get a friend who has everything you are looking for, therefore, it’s okay to foster friendship that relate with your different situations, moods or whatever!
1. The Work-Friend. You guys have a good working relationship. Productivity is fantastic when you guys are together. You even do well with office gossip. But that’s just where it ends…the office.
2. The Friend in Your Kid’s Class. This kind of friendship is good especially when you guys are dropping your kids off at school. This friend will give you an up to date information on school and class issues.
3. The Friend Who’s Known You Forever. This friendship, they say, is priceless. Your friendship can be traced from childhood. All those memories. This kind of friend is most likely the one that knows you but not necessarily understands you. They can stand as a brother or sister.
4. The Hobby Buddy. This is a friend you want to hang out with when you want to act all silly and have a good laugh. You can go watch a movie or whatever. This friend shares the same interest and you can be yourself with this person.
5. The Straight-Talking Friend. I love this kind of friendship too. Life is not and cannot always be fun. Some friends cannot handle being serious and playful at the same time, so you need this type of friendship, someone who you can have a heart to heart talk with and also be honest.
6. The Feel-Good Friend. This friend always has a nice way of lifting your spirit…almost like a ‘cheerleader’ in your life. This is a friend that will be truly happy for you in all honesty when something good happens to you (unfortunately, there are not too many of these type of friends…too many ‘winch’ people!).
It’s not compulsory to have all types, but still have the ones that truly fits into the most-needed category. Sometimes, you may be lucky and find someone with all the qualities and more!

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