Now who says adults don’t suffer from occasional bouts of peer pressure?!

In marriage, some people can live and die for their friends. Let me tell you now at this point, that it is not all friendships that are good for marriage. Their some friends that are okay to hang out with when you were still single but the minute you see that you are in marriage, start dropping them because if you really analyse the friendship, you will know that if care is not taken, your marriage will head to ‘Splitsville’.

If truth be told, Friendship can actually be a source of companionship, comfort and entertainment. But when you find yourself in a situation where such friendship is not adding any value to your marriage spiritually, financially, academically or emotionally…then it is time to draw the curtains on such friendships.

Just like money, some people think that the more, the merrier! *Laughing in Chinese* So when will you have time for the one that matters the most? Having too many friends in your marriage will never enable you to concentrate in building it. In fact, you will end up with ‘Multi-personality Disorder’, even your husband will not ‘recognize’ you any more, whether you are Ada, Ranti, Somto or Sola…In short, cut down on your friends so that you can be your true self!

Meanwhile, there are some friends that will at every given opportunity, put your spouse down. They have no inhibitions running them down, even when you didn’t ask for their ‘candid’ opinion!…Watch out dear! You might not know this, but if you take a closer look at that your friend, you may see a lot of ‘green eyed monsters’ (if you understand what I mean).

If your partner has issues about your choice of friends, then it’s time you take a few steps back and critically review the situation. If still not convinced, ask for an objective view from someone who knows your friends or you address his or her fears about your friends. It’s not enough to act selfishly and say things like “It’s not your business” or “Abeg, how does it affect you?”

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  1. Friends, Buddies, in short People generally. Once you seek their opinion about your marriage, they always wanna be right even when the odd changes, they never let you see the good in keeping it cordial in your marriage. Kudos to you blogger.


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