Good morning peeps!

A seriously ‘sexy’ morning it is with all the rain and tinz!

Remember when I said we were going to take a close look at all the possible causes of marital discord, well, SEX is another one. It may not necessarily be the main one, but it sure is a major one!

Sex in a marriage may mean different things for different folks but however, you choose to view it, it’s meant to achieve the same goal for every couple…PLEASURE.

Couples engage in sex for several reasons which may include:

1. Procreation
2. For sexual pleasure
3. To relieve stress
4. As a form of exercise *LOL!*
5. To say ‘Thank you’  *Abeg, free me O!*
6. To show off their skills
7. For money-making ventures, etc

But whatever the reasons, this same ‘Sex’ can cause issues especially in the area of dissatisfaction. A lot of couples fail to understand that in marriage, you can never finish learning about and from each other, therefore, it is important to keep the communication lines open. Don’t stay ‘locked in’.

Common sexual problems encountered in marriage include:

1. Erectile dysfunction – when the man fails to have an erection or sustain one.
2. When the man fails to ‘carry’ the woman along. He is totally selfish and is only after satisfying himself.
3. When the woman is not interested (almost a recurrent decimal!). She keeps giving excuses like “I’m tired”, “I need to get up early”, “The kids will hear”…
4. Lack of foreplay. Most women like to engage in foreplay which not only physically charges her up but also keeps her emotionally engaged.
5. When couples keep using one style of making love…in short BORING!! Try different styles! Be adventurous. For crying out loud, she is your wife, he is your husband! Ain’t no shame in fulfilling your sexual fantasies with him or her.
6. When a wife is frigid – when a wife is unable to be sexually aroused and responsive. It may not be her fault, so chill!
7. When a spouse gives too much sex or lack of it. It can go either ways.

Well, there are so many other reasons which you can share in the comment box.

All I want to say or advice, if you permit me:

1. Discuss sex with your spouse. Nothing to be ashamed of.
2. Tell your spouse where, how and where you want to be touched. Speak in a language you both can understand.
3. Seek medical help especially if you know you have erectile dysfunction or you are frigid.
4. Seek a sexologist if you want to add spice to your sex life. If you seek, you will find them.

So my luvlies…da is it for today!!


  1. I truly celebrate you for this piece and those yet to be published by you. Do not tire and do not give up the spirit. As for the comment of the topic itself, I truly don't know what to say but I am open-minded to interact and share with you at length my sexual life!


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