I hate it when some women are referred to as ‘barren women’. It just doesn’t sound right. As far as I am concerned, that word does not exist in my dictionary.

To be barren means to be unproductive. No woman was born to be unproductive. You have children, you just failed to see them.

Every time you come across a child, you exercise your role as a mother. Being a mother doesn’t necessarily mean being a biological parent.

Who said you were ‘barren’?…the ‘non-barren’ woman who probably has 4, 5 or 6 kids? Ok, so you non-barren woman, you got pregnant…so what? You carried your pregnancy for 9months…so what? You pushed your baby out vaginally or through Caesarean section…so what?! Does all these make you a better mother than the so called ‘barren’ woman? Keep in mind that the children given to you by God are not actually yours, they belong to Him!

This brings me to the issue on ‘Adoption’. As far as I am concerned, a woman is considered ‘barren’ if she doesn’t embrace her role as a mother, whether biological or not. And the Lord said in Matthew 18:5 “…And anyone who welcomes a little child like this on my behalf is welcoming me”.  

Adoption can be traced way back in the Old Testament of the Good Book where Esther was adopted by Mordecai, who raised her up as his own daughter. So all of you waiting for the fruit of the womb (not that you shouldn’t wait O!) , your work as a mother has long begun!

Every child you come across henceforth is your child, so love and nurture him or her! You are not ‘barren’. The next time a supposedly non-barren woman asks you how many kids you have, just say, “So many, you can’t imagine!”

You know, I can’t help but marvel at God’s awesomeness! God never makes mistakes. Trust me, He knows what He is doing…all ye of little faith.

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