You guys won’t believe this… a family friend of ours just caught his wife red-handed in her lies!
Apparently this couple have been married for 3years now without a child. The man on his own, submitted himself for series of tests because he felt the problem might be from him. It had suddenly occurred to him  that he had never impregnated any of his girlfriends, after putting two and two together. He didn’t tell his wife all these but he told us. The doctor had told him he had ‘AZOSPERMIA’ (a condition whereby the man can’t produce sperms, as in empty ‘sack’ wahala).
To cut story short, the wife comes home one day and tells her husband that she is pregnant! Her husband starts to ask, “How come about? That can’t be possible!” Meanwhile, the chic never know wetin dey ground. As soon as her husband made those comments, she started getting upset and shouting things about miracle this, miracle that! That instead of her husband to be grateful and thank God for hearing their prayers. Our friend just pounced on her and asked her to start confessing. Of course, she denied a few times until she finally confessed that it was her ex-boyfriend that impregnated her. That she did it for their sakes, since he wanted a baby so much. *Who send you message?!*
I was going to ask why some women do things like having an unauthorized pregnancy outside marriage, when I remembered that men are equally guilty!
All I can say to those couples who are still ‘waiting on the Lord’ is “God’s time is the best” but if you are too impatient to wait, seek His counsel. It’s just so wrong to go behind your spouse and start producing the babies and then claiming it belongs to him! God has a way of doing His own things. Have you ever heard of “Testing of Faith”?…well, if you are in this position of getting pregnant outside of your marriage without your spouse’s consent, you just failed the test!!

2 thoughts on “WIFE CAUGHT IN HER WEB OF LIE(S)!

  1. She did it out of love for her boo.. Lol. The man too for tell her straight up say he no fit impregnate her at all- maybe they would have been able to get a better alternative to having kids – like adoption, IVF, etc. As far as I am concerned, the husband is equally as guilty as the wife. He pushed her to cook up a baby so he should shut his trap and refrain from being nasty to her(to say the least). Make una no crucify her o..


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