Ok, who does that?!

I don’t get you guys, really! What’s with you guys and sex?! You use it as a tool to get almost everything you want; when you have a fight with your wife and you think you can use it to solve problems, when you want to blackmail a female employee in order to get that promotion she deserves, or a female applicant who needs a job.
Please don’t get me wrong, it’s not like sex isn’t good but sometimes you got to give your wife a break! It’s not always about sex for women. Sometimes, wives just need you to hold them and whisper sweet nothings… and give money.  *Hehehe*
How can a husband who gets a regular (as in regular) dose of sex, decide to cheat on his wife, just because he didn’t get any the night before?!
One time, a lady who just had a baby and who had just being discharged from hospital, did not get any rest. That same night she was discharged, her husband ‘pounced’ on her, even with the fresh episiotomy!  *Na wah O!*
One other time, a friend of mine cried her eyes out because according to her, her husband demands for sex every night (not some night, every night)! WOW! So I asked what her problem was, that most women would die to be in her shoes…of course,  she didn’t find that funny. *My dear, one man’s meat is truly another man’s poison* So that means the day my friend turns him down, he will waka go outside!
Please, husbands, there is more to marriage than sex!

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