Yesterday, I met a supposedly happily married man, who broke down in tears in my office. He had just been diagnosed with LIVER CIRRHOSIS, which implies in non-medical terms, permanent liver damage. He also had a fatty liver and severe gallstones.

The picture you see is that of Liver Cirrhosis. This is what a normal liver looks like….

This husband and father, cried for so many reasons: he had failed those who loved him, especially his wife and children; he had just been appointed the Chairman of a government office, but it was obvious he wasn’t going to enjoy it for long; he regretted succumbing to a lot of peer-pressure. He drank a lot with his friends, even when he didn’t feel like it; worst of all, he had a history of multiple sexual partners and had just tested positive for the Hepatitis B virus. *So you see, multiple ‘wahala’ for dead body!* Really pathetic situation!

While listening to this husband and father lamenting and the role his precious wife played in trying to prevent him from ruining his life, I thought to myself that there are many other husbands out there like my client. It’s a pity these husbands do not listen to their wives until it is too late. Do you husbands think that God gave us to you for no reason?! Let me briefly remind you that WE ARE YOUR GOD-SENT HELP MATES! Duh?! Not necessarily ‘financial helpmates’ but conscience and decision-making help mates. We see into your future. We are your earthly guardian angels that guard you against unwise business investments and HIV/Gonorrhoea/Syphilis/Hepatitis-carrying HOME-WRECKERS!!

The moral of this story is that, if our husbands want to protect themselves from this debilitating disease, they can do the following to protect their liver:

1. Learn to say NO to financially, spiritually and academically unproductive and draining friends.
2. Stop or minimize the alcohol intake. If you consume more than 2 drinks a day, you are increasing your chances of liver cirrhosis.
3. Be faithful to your wife. Hepatitis and HIV do not show on the face and so don’t fool around with it.
4. Be cautious of the things you inhale (all of you that are perpetual users of ‘Otapia-pai’ and then you remain in the room inhaling it, all in the name of killing cockroaches and all what nots.
5. Go and get vaccinated against the Hepatitis B virus.
6. Eat balanced diet with low fat and plenty vitamins.

Failure to comply, keep permanent liver damage in view!

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