There is nothing that someone will not hear…Oh!!
Dear NHW,
I know I am a guy and most guys don’t usually read blogs. But I love your style of writing and have decided to bring my problem to you.
I am a 35year old man who is single but not really searching. You may ask why. It is because I have fallen in love with my step mother, who I am 5 years older than. When I think about it, I simply laugh. I lost my mother at an early age and my father refused to marry again until 2 years ago. When my father announced he was getting married, the family was very happy but what we didn’t know, was that he was getting married to someone 30 years younger than him.
Her marriage to my father is that of convenience. After she narrated how her mother more or else ‘sold’ her off to my father, I think that was when I knew I had something for her. You see, my step mother’s mum works in my father’s company. Her mum is also a widow who has carried a lot of burden for quite sometime and my father marrying her daughter (my step mother), would help settle some debts she acquired over the years. See, I am not trying to make excuses for my stepmother or the fact that we are in a deeply serious relationship.
Everyday is like torture for me knowing that she is with my dad and she feels the same way too. We are planning to break the News of our relationship to my father, even though we have considered eloping. The problem now is finding the courage to tell my father and when do you think is the right time?
First and foremost my dear reader, guys read blogs. Secondly, your relationship with your step mother is totally wrong, whether or not she is older or younger than you. And if truly, your father’s marriage to your step mother is one of convenience, then, I think you should confirm that with him and come out straight.
Well, let’s hear what others think….


  1. What is “marriage of convenience”? A 28yr old woman marries an older man bcos mum in debt!! She and her mama no get work? Either that is her work or she loved the man enough; so she should stop complaining about her benefactor and husband.

    It is wrong to sleep with your father's wife for any reason. Ask Reuben who though was the 1st got the curse (Gen 49:3-4). This guy shld just stop this evil and not bother the old man.


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