It is important I talk about this now because I won’t lie it does cross my mind. My son is just 10+years old (almost 11years old in a few weeks) and so you may think I have nothing to worry about! Right?…Wrong!

A lot of us parents, forget that our kids are growing and fast having a mind of their own. And in doing so, some parents are having a tough time getting their teen kids to conform to rules and regulations in the home. Well, my advice is that, if you are in a habit of using ‘koboko’ a.k.a ‘bulala’ a.k.a ‘mr-do-good’ , please stop and devise a method of correcting him or her, especially when you notice your child is taller and bigger than you, the parent!

I am worried because of an article I came across, where a mother in a state in Nigeria, was flogging her 15 year old son and then suddenly, the child retaliated by beating the mother up, black and blue. His mother was not only humiliated but was filled with rage. She went into the house and got a machete to use on him and when she came out with it, her son took to his heels. When she couldn’t reach him, she flung the machete at him…and you can only imagine what happened next! An irreversible or should I say irreparable damage?!  The boy died almost immediately from the deep cuts sustained. His mother was so shocked that she fled into the bush and is still at large.

It’s sad because deep inside me, I know she didn’t mean to…#devil’shandwork. Anger is a devil on it’s own and so when you see you are getting to the point where your child has pushed you to the edge, so much so that you feel like strangling him/her. That is the devil! Just shout a loud “Blood of Jesus”…trust me it works! Lol!!       *Abeeegi! Why should you allow it get to that point? Put yourself together joor!*

So, parents, this is a wake-up call. As your kids get older, try and learn to use your mouth and not your hands to talk!

May we never experience this IJN. Amen.

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