I have come to the conclusion that I am not a normal doctor. You may wonder why? I will tell you why… I leave my house everyday for work hoping to treat clients with regular clinical problems but all I end up doing is treating heartaches, broken marriages and relationships, as well as troubled parents with troubled kids!! What da heck! Now my nurses refer to me as ‘The Love Doctor’!
After what happened today, Ehm! …I don’t think I will wonder again! Mehn! My ears are full with all sorts of stories.  Let me just go ahead and share with you guys…
A lady walked into my office with somewhat of a flat affect. Hoping to hear the regular “Oh doctor! I have a headache and my tummy hurts real bad”, what I get instead is “Yeh, doctor! I am in hot soup! I am finished! I am done for! Please I need your help!” While saying this, she is hold my hands across the table. And I’m thinking “Ok…now this is getting really weird!” Just as I am about to gently tell her how broke I was  (because I am thinking this has got to be about money)since I hear that almost all the time , she blurts out,”Doctor, I called my ex’s name while making love to my husband!” I didn’t even know when i shouted blood of Jesus! My matron had to rush to my office to check if everything was okay.
This gist was too hot not to explore!  *O sweet Lord, I love my job! *
 The lady explained that even though she loved her husband, she secretly still dreams of her ex. She couldn’t marry him because of the genotype wahala. Her constant communication with him was not even helping matters.  He is married with kids but they are still very much in touch. If she’s broke, he is just a call away and he credits her account. If she is sad and needs someone to talk to, he is just a call away. If she has good news to share, it’s him…always him. How can she help not staying in love with him!
The more she communicated with him, the more she dreamt of him, so much so that while her husband was making out with her last night, at the peak of the excitement,  she screamed his name, not once or twice but thrice!!! *Yikes! I thought this only happened in movies or Mills and Boon…O well!
Well, you can imagine what happened next… Presently, my client is squatting at a friend’s place whose husband does not reside in Lagos. Her husband threw her things out especially since she couldn’t explain why she called someone else s name! *Now this is the part that disgusts me…why is the wife always expected to forgive and forget while her husband, carries on with his philandering! Smh!!*
I sympathised with her but had to ask her,”Please, where do I come in in all of these?!” According to her, she came to get prescriptions that would help her sleep and was hoping to get me call her husband and beg on her behalf! Hian!
I have been trying the man’s number O! but he has chosen to ignore all calls. My guess is that, my client has probably asked everyone in her village and yard, not to mention church members to ‘kill’ her husband’s battery! Lol! 


  1. This is a funny one.I feel sorry for her.She was cheating even if she is not sleeping with the ex. May God restore this marriage.


  2. Men don't know how to take as much as they can give. Not that I condone what the lady has done in any way cos as much as she's enjoying the attention and close friendship with her ex, the ex's wife will be going through hurts inflicted by her (as we all know, men can't multi task). The guy should get over himself (at least if was only his name that she called, let's hope they're not sexually intimate) and take his wife back but the Lady should cut out the whole best friend with her ex thing.


  3. This na real gbege. May God help her. Ȋ̝̊̅t§ only prayer can Solve this matter and She shld try and do away With her ex


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