Good morning my people.
I really didn’t want to blog about this, but it’s now becoming a thing of fashion for couples whose marriages are in trouble to bring their fight to social media…And then finish it well!  Lol! It’s like killing someone many times because it’s the person’s word against yours. So you either choose to ignore or you set up a panel of judges on social media to judge the case or better still, you guys should continue to wash the linen (pant in this case) with ‘OMO’ until it is clean and bright.
I brought this issue up so that we can collectively deliberate on it! Is this a normal thing to do?
I am sure by now, you guys would have heard about the Actor/Producer/Scriptwriter, Tchidi Chikere’s failed marriage with wife Sophia, which also produced 3 beuriful and Hanson boys. Tchidi left this his wife and married a fellow actress, Nutella Nuella. As if that was not bad enough, he took to twitter some days ago and ‘washed’ his ex wife, calling her all sorts of names. And of course, his ex wife had to reply …she didn’t want to go down without a fight.
Only God knows where Nuella was when all these drama was happening! Couldn’t she have controlled ‘her’ man?! My guess is that maybe she was beside him, telling him what to write! I mean, c’mon!  If Tchidi claims to be as happy with his new wife, should he be revisiting the past at all? Tell me, should he?! As for me, na guilty conscience dey worry am! So he has to by all means justify leaving his wife for another beyond reasonable doubt.
I feel sorry for the new bride, she should have ensured that her husband married her out of love and not out of anger! She go hear am. It’s obvious that these exs have feelings for each other, whether anger, hatred or love…all na feelings. If Tchidi wanted to open a new chapter, he should have done that on a clean slate. Who are they fooling ( Tchidi and Sophia)? If you leave them in a room to settle,  the kind love making that will erupt from it ehn? !…It will be hotter than a volcano!  #unfinishedbusiness
Please, I want to plead with couples going through stormy times and intending to break up, stop setting a bad example for other couples. We only want to see and hear about how you celebrate each other on social media, so that others will be motivated to repair theirs. Before you say “Jack Robinson”, some might want to continue this distasteful trend!
Tchidi and Nuella, face your marriage! You and Sophia should settle out of media or court.
*Tchidi, so you think what Sophia is asking for in court is too much? After ‘enjoying’ her for many years so tey she bear 3 fruits, you are saying you shouldn’t pay abi?! What if another person cannot enjoy her because she is ‘after 3’?! As in Tokunbo raise to power 3. Hehehehe*

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