Some women matter just tire me. Some marry to live a happily-ever-after kind of life while some just got married to SUFFER! Day in, day out, na so so cry…all sorts of cry; cry for money, cry for husband’s behaviour, cry for children, even cry for their life!

Please, can someone explain to me why some men are afraid to live up to their responsibilities.The women that marry them, practically shoulder all the responsibilities – from paying house rent to paying school fees to buying clothes, down to attending to the needs of the house. The funny thing about these men, is not that they they lost their jobs, but because, they are just chronically and cancerously LAZY! And the women, their wives contribute to it. These kind of men or ‘husbands’ (because I don’t consider them as one) are known to me as ‘DESIGNER HUSBANDS’ or ‘MEN IN HEELS’. Yes O! Designer husbands or Men in Heels… the women marry them just to worship and adore them, as well as to answer ‘Mrs’ and bear children for them.
The most annoying thing about these ‘Designer Husbands’ or ‘Men in Heels’ is that, despite the fact they do not contribute a ‘pfennig’ in the marriage, they misbehave seriously. They are the ones that beat their wives up, consume the most exotic food and womanise.
Now, when the pastors tell women who are widows to get up for prayers and then the women with designer husbands get up too, these men shouldn’t be shocked. Are these women not as good as being widows?!…Mscheew!
See, I need to be disproved. You are not a designer husband if the following does not occur in your home:
– your kids run to your wife first for their needs (Trust me, the kids definitely who the ‘money shaker’ is in the home)
– you don’t give her monthly feeding allowance, pay the rent or pay school fees
– you don,t have a job and don’t want to get one because you collect pocket money from your wifey!
– you go on a family outing and your wife is the one that settles the bill.

The list is endless joor.

My final word on this matter is that.”You men should change please and stop wearing high heels that belong to the women, look for a ‘Salvatore Ferragamo’ for men!

Tanks and av a nice day!

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