Wonders will never cease.

This infertility of a thing has caused a lot of problems so much so that people formulate reasons for infertility. And you know the amazing thing about this problem, is that the man is usually never seen as the one with the problem…it is always the woman. The only time the man is seen as the one with the problem is when both partners submit themselves for necessary investigations. But once couples get married and no baby within the first 1 year (what am I saying sef…2 months) of marriage, all ‘eyeses’ will be on the woman.

That is how I met a woman who visited the clinic with all sorts of complaints, only for me to explore more and found out that her problems bordered around ‘having a child’. *Bia, why is it always the woman that worries first?!* Anyway, her problem is not getting pregnant but keeping it. So far, since 3 years of being married, she has lost 9 pregnancies. Her husband took her everywhere you can imagine (except a good hospital) and then they eventually ended up in a spiritual home, where it was revealed that she was married to a ‘spiritual husband’.

Can you believe that this woman truly believed she was married to a spiritual husband and so for 2 years since the diagnosis was made, she didn’t bother seeking proper help. During this period, her husband moved out of their matrimonial home, got married to another lady and now has 2 kids with her! So, out of frustration, this my female patient started ‘testing’ her fertility! So far she has had 5 casual partners and ended up with a PID (Pelvic Inflammatory Disease) which has further complicated her situation. Now that she wants to settle down with her 6th partner who apparently loves her, the pregnancies she was getting in abundance is not even coming again. *Woman, no vex but at this juncture, I fitn’t help you as your case has entered ‘Gobe’!*

As much as I hate to admit that there may be spiritual causes of infertility, medical causes of miscarriages need to be explored properly, especially when such pregnancies occur in early stages of pregnancy (say < 12 weeks). It may be that:
– The woman has some Nutritional Deficiency. There are certain minerals and vitamins the woman needs in abundance to be able to have a well-formed baby such as Folic Acid  and Vitamin B6 and B12.
– It occurred Naturally. Nature has a way of aborting pregnancy that didn’t form well.
The Drugs she used or uses caused the miscarriage. That’s why it’s always good to get a doctor’s prescription or see a doctor as soon as you miss your period. 
Infections from Rubella, Measles and others that the woman might be unaware of.
– The woman has a Genetic Disorder that just doesn’t allow a baby form.
– The woman has an Abnormally-formed Womb. One can never know this except if you do specialised investigations such Ultrasound scan, Hysterosalpingogram (HSG), etc and believe me when I say, you can’t find this in a ‘babalawo’ house. So, go to a proper hospital!

The list is endless but the take-home is that, as couples, you shouldn’t jump into the conclusion of ‘spiritual tinz’ when you haven’t even visited a proper physician. As for the lady who her husband said was married to a spiritual husband, it turned out that she was severely Nutritionally deficient and had 2 wombs that were abnormally shaped!


  1. Hmmm! Ignorance! If only ppl listen and do things d way it should be done. How can anyone pick a spiritualist over proper examinatin and examination by specialists. God grant us wisdom


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