I don’t get why some women with kids settle for less! I mean, how can you accept to marry a man who won’t accept your kids? It’s crazy! So, because you want to ‘die’ in his arms, you agree to dump your kids with your mum or any other relative!

Heelllooo?! If you claim you LOVE the lady (remember the key word here is LOVE), then it’s only natural for you to love every baggage she comes with, including the chickens, goats and rats in her yard! If you can’t afford to do that, then you don’t really send her, what you actually  send is her v@#*%a!

Any lady who can’t see that something ‘fishy’ is going on, when she has to hide her better halves from the man she wants to spend the rest of her desperate life with, must be seriously retarded or spiritually blind. Every woman born of a woman should understand what I am saying. Why would you suffer to have kids and then hide them from a so-called ‘spineless’ man who is not ready to step up to his responsibilities! Do you think those kids don’t know what is going on? They have just probably accepted their fate all because they want their mother to be happy (talk about sacrifice. Now that is love) but this same mother is not ready to sacrifice her love for her new found man for the love of her children. She is ready to do anything just to be with the ‘Idiat’!

I remember a young girl I met sometime ago during one of my busy clinics, she presented with all sorts of complaints that really didn’t add up! At the end of the day, she had so much anger inside, which she had bottled. She had resentment for her mother who abandoned her with her Grandmother and had gone ahead and remarried. Her mother had 2 more kids for that husband and so, had more or less rebuilt her life into a perfect one. The girl is 16 years old and anytime she visits her mother, not only does she feel like an ‘outsider’, she sees how ‘complete’ the family is. She can’t understand why her mother won’t bring her into the family. Going back home to Grandma only drives home the reality of being an ‘unwanted’ child.

You may ask why she couldn’t go to her father, but that one sef don settle himsef! Till date, she still dey behave like person wey dey possessed despite seeing a clinical psychologist. Me, I know she will continue to behave funny until she enter a real family wey get ‘mama’ and ‘papa’.

So, on a final note women, please, please and please, do not rush to marry a man who no wan gree use eyes see ya chudren. #Remember the story of one lagos pastor wey marry one beautiful woman wey don already born 3 chudren, but the pastor, as i hear am O, no gree to use eyes see those beuriful chudren, so tey the woman go dump dem with her sister!

Kudos to all the men that marry women with kids and who take good care of them, my God will never disappoint you. Your pockets will never go dry. You will live long O! You are a true definition of a ‘MAN’!


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