Hate me O ! for saying this…na you sabi! How many Nigerian men can boast of knowing what ‘Romance’ is? So how can you give what you have absolute lack of knowledge of! Ok, if you claim you give, why do our women wear long faces that scream “LONELY, BORED AND UNLOVED”? Why do you think they get easily swayed by other men’s lies?!

One thing you men should know is that romance is the spice of a marriage. It’s what keeps the marriage exciting. It doesn’t have to expressed only on special days. Romance is a way of telling and showing the woman you are married to, that you appreciate her and glad that you will be spending the rest of your life with her.

Are you still arguing? If you insist that you are ‘Romanus’ *Hehehehe*, then, do you do any of the following for her?:
– when was the last time you got her a surprise gift? (Remember I said it musn’t be on a special occasion) Even if it is one apple…buy! #akagumtinz
– when was the last time you guys went on a trip together, just you and her?
– when was the last time you offered to serve her breakfast in bed (assuming you made the breakfast O!)
– have you offered to do the laundry, cook, manny-sit the kids, take her shopping???
– do you call her at odd times during working hours and tell her sweet nothings or send sexy messages?
– have you ever in your wretched  life (sorry, getting carried away. Excuse my French) sent her sexy messages and words of appreciation?
– have you ever offered to massage her tired feet and bunched up shoulders?


But NO, it had to be all about you! You! You! You! You leave her with nothing but criticisms and negative judgements. How she didn’t do this for you or that for you.

You know a few words or actions of encouragement filled with love, may be all she needs to stay motivated in the marriage and show more love! Instead, you men would rather invest in ‘home-wreckers’ who are cursed (and the person wey curse dem sef, probably don die!).

Please, you guys should try abeg! I am sure your wives are trying joor!

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