Choi!! I just love Yemi Alade’s song “Have you seen Johnny?!” As much as some wives don’t want to accept the truth, they might be married to a ‘Johnny’…You are asking me how?…Ok, read on.

If your husband does any of the following, *I swear beating my hands on the ground*, he must be a ‘Johnny’:
– When your husband leaves home in the morning wearing male perfume and returns at night reeking of different perfume, specifically male. *Don’t believe him if he says it was his sister that hugged him*

– When our dear hussy has to leave the room almost everytime to receive an ‘important’ call.

– When darling hussy comes back almost every night with a full tummy…no need to talk much!

– When and if your hussy rushes to the bathroom for a quick shower (and he is working an office job O!) and assuming he doesn’t usually do this.

– When dear hussy has several email / social media accounts!

– When they ‘password’ everything, laptop, ipad, blackberry, Facebook, twitter, etc

– When they start asking unusual questions like “Is it possible to marry only one wife?” or “Is it possible to love more than one person?”

– When they suddenly become preoccupied with their appearance

– When they keep getting mysterious calls at odd hours of the day or loads of ‘wrong’ numbers

– When you see that the passenger seat is always adjusted!

– When buying gas or getting credit takes more than 5 hours for something that should ordinarily take 15 minutes

– When he perpetually goes on a business trip …almost every weekend. You too, pack your bag and follow him, noting do you!!

– When you keep seeing strange messages from strange women and the permanent excuse your husband gives is,”We are just friends”

– When housekeeping money is suddenly cut and he doesn’t  perform his financial duties.

– When you call him sometimes and you hear kids at the background…and no candid explanation for that when he is not even a Paediatrician!

Infact, the list is endless. All I am saying is that, we ‘gurls’ should be careful and not be taken unawares… When you find out that you are married to a ‘Johnny’, then you should work hard at exposing him because the other women might not even be aware of his deceit.


  1. Dear housewife, in all pls don't forget that Yemi Alade did not give up; she was still yearning…..”am looking for MY Johnny……hv u seen johnny?” And then finished that chorus with an endearing “Johnny'm oOoo!” *in Igbo accent. Lol.


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