My kids think I have been acting up lately. In my son’s words,”Mummy, what’s up with you? You’ve been acting weird for the past few days. Please, I need my old mummy back!” I chuckled in my mind…ko le ye won (they cannot understand).

My son I am in ‘Penitential mode’! I am in a truly-sorry-for-my-sins mode!

I learnt today, that for women to truly run their homes efficiently and effectively, we need to improve our relationship with God and this would entail being truly sorry for our sins. And when we do this, we begin to see things differently in our marriages. Even when our spouse is being unreasonable, we tend not to ‘go there’ with him or her. We also find out that, you become calm over things that would normally create some mental discomfort.

I have resolved to practice some mortifications in my daily task as a mother and as a wife; from the minute I get up from bed (even when I don’t feel like it) to going to work to making dinner. * You know all these small duties required of us as a mother and wife, can be a drag sometimes*

If I truly want to be sorry then, I will try to be cheerful in carrying out those duties ( not when I want to but when I need to). Here are some examples (which some of you might identify with):
– Getting the family to do a daily morning devotion even when your whole body is screaming TIRED!!
– Preparing meals for the family when what I actually want is to eat out.
– Giving my kids hugs and kisses when they demand for it and you are really not in the mood to be ‘mushy mushy’.
– Actually listening, not just hearing our clients when we are at our peak of extreme nausea and disgust!
– Learning to control our thoughts and imaginations especially where our husbands are concerned (since no proof nah!)

So Lord, I am truly sorry and I hope you give me another chance during these fasting days…

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