There is nothing someone no go see, read or hear! When I came across this, even me self no fit answer am…serious exam question!
Sha read, and share your opinion.
Hello! I seriously need help in this confused state that I am, what happened is that; few weeks back I caught my 53 years old stepfather sleeping with our 17years-old house maid exactly around 3am in her room. Although, I have been noticing that its each time I make night calls with my boyfriend abroad I do see my stepfather coming out of his matrimonial room and this has happened like up to four times.
I’ve been curious that what does this man always look for at night, all my mind was maybe he’s a ritualist or armed robber or maybe into shaddy business. So on this faithful day, I decided to stay up all night till around 3am, I saw my stepfather coming out of his room as usual, he went downstairs, I followed him thinking maybe he’s going out or a secret room in our house but to my own surprise he knocked on our house maid’s room and entered, how shocking, I couldn’t believe it. I hid myself in one corner thinking maybe he would come out after some minutes but this man didn’t come out, I had to go the maid’s door and I started hearing sound of moan coming out from the room. I opened the door and I found my stepfather and house maid in a very disturbing position (dog-style).
To cut the story short, my stepfather has been begging me with everything in this world, he brought a cheque of 200k in my room begging me not to tell my mum. I didn’t collect the money, I told him I would think about it.
I’m really confused now, I dunno if I should collect the money or tell my mother and also send the girl packing. My mother and stepfather has been married for 11 years now, they have 2 kids together. I’m confused, I’m a student I need money but won’t guilty conscience weigh me down if I didn’t tell my mother? Pls help me!
*so what do you guys think?..make e report or make e no report?*

Culled from 247Naija

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