I still don’t get what is happening! Is someone trying to tell me that even if these so-called fathers are given maximum sentence, this ‘evil’ will still continue! You know, it’s not hard…Dadas, if you are feeling horny, you can go get paid sex!!…but your daughter?!…c’mon!
See what I mean…
A middle aged man in Lagos has been arrested and charged to court after reports that he raped his teenage daughter.
42-year-old Pedro Anegbe is said to have stated that he raped the 15-year-old girl because a spirit asked him to do so in order to get a job.
The accused has been arraigned before a Magistrate court sitting in the Ebute Metta area of the state and is facing charges bordering on forceful sexual intercourse.
The incident is said to have occurred at the family home on Ifelodun Street in the Fatolu Ipaja area of Lagos.
The Investigating Police Officer, Bakare Murtala revealed the results of his investigation to the court.
He said:
“The defendant is the biological father of the girl. She told us her father had sexually harassed her. We questioned him on his daughter’s allegation and he confessed to the crime. He said he had raped her twice.”
Anegbe, while pleading innocent to rape, said he had started hearing the voice after he lost his job and it had told him to damage some things and rape his daughter.
Federal Government, please do something…hard and fast before these ‘monster’ dads consume our daughters!

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