Now, before I share my daily beauty regimen as requested, I would love to thank all my friends(home and abroad), family and NHW fans for their kind messages and words of prayer. God bless you all and I wish you guys much more happiness and love in your marriages.

I got a lot of emails from my fellow wives requesting that I speak on certain issues, one of which was on ‘How to prevent wrinkles’. Lol! I chose to speak on this one because it seemed interesting and I think most married women my age dread wrinkling! Uugh! Ironically, when I was much younger, I cherished the thought of being older and now that I am older, I fight signs of ageing with everything inside of me!

Few years back, I had always struggled with getting the right skin products, most especially to maintain my skin colour and radiance since giving birth (Oh! What pregnancy does to the skin, at least for me!). In looking for the right product, I tried as much as possible to avoid products that contained ‘Hydoquinone’… you know why nah! #Denciatinz

Anyways, I finally found what worked for me and still is. Here are basic rules every woman (especially we married ones) must adhere to:
RULE 1: Know your skin type
RULE 2: Cleanse
RULE 3: Exfoliate
RULE 4: Moisturize
RULE 5: Sunscreen
RULE 6: Drink lots of water rather than take fizzy drinks or you could take fruits.

Now, here are some of the products I use… for real. In fact, these products are soo good, they are my can’t-do-withouts and I use them daily. When you see results, you will thank me! You have to be patient when you use good skin care products that seem to be working for you, like say between 4weeks to 6weeks.

I usually start with this and I work in circular motions on my face and neck, concentrating on my difficult areas (forehead, around my eyes, corners of my nose, and my jaw…the most difficult area and then my neck). This takes about 1minute. Then I rinse with water.

I wash my body and face with this awesome cleansing bar. Your life will never be the same again after using this soap.

I use this Neutrogena moisturizer
with SPF 30 on my face only. Or I could use Aveeno moisturizer with SPF 30. I think I prefer Neutrogena.

Then I finish off with this fantastic anti-ageing moisturizer by Olay. This is only for my body and not face.

I hope this has helped. Most importantly, you need to be a happy person so that your body can secrete ‘happy’ hormones that work against wrinkling.

Goodnight babes!

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