Hi peeps! Sorry, I have been out of radar for a while. Today is a special day for me and I so want to share with you guys. Today is my wedding anniversary…11 years is definitely not a joke! Technically, we have been together for 18 years! I feel so blessed. When I say ‘we’, of course I mean my hussy (very male species). Lol! Now back to the matter…I want to give you a glimpse of how we got to this point. Please don’t laff at the pics, these were back in the them days!!

This was me…pure, untouched…very virgin! Just got into medical school with no hopes of falling in love!…little did I know!

Now, this is my hussy back in them days! #badboy #ajekpaki #highlyexperiencedsocially Apparently, he was also studying in the same medical school but 2 years ahead of me. He was just another individual with hopes of scoring more chics (I think)…little did he know!

Now, this chic #fashionistawannabe #19thcenturydiva soon started dating this guy! (Who would have ever thought ?!) P.S Note his ‘malnourished’ state and his ‘scrawny’ -looking friend beside him! Lol!

The first time I set my eyes on him…I just knew he was the ONE. I told my roommates if I remember clearly,”I have seen the father of my children!” Of course they laughed at me knowing fully well I was an unrepentant romantic!

July 1996, it was official! Trust me when I say all odds were against us. He was yoruba and I was Ibo. He was muslim and I was a christian. Poor boy (as in broke ass Nigga) Rich girl (just comfortable O! could get anything I wanted from my parents then) and Bad boy Good girl story…we knew all these, but we still held hands and took a dive, not looking back!…sooo glad I did! His muslim brothers were not excited about this new found relationship while my friends on the other side were not excited either, they just thought he wasn’t my type!

Our love just kept blossoming! Despite all the wahala we were going through! God is indeed love! At this point my dad (may his gentle soul rest in peace) had disowned me twice or thrice! Lol! School didn’t feel comfortable anymore because to some we were ‘misfits’. The more I prayed about our ‘situation’, the stronger our love grew and the tighter the bond. I knew at this point that God never made mistakes. So through thick and thin, we found solace in each other!…oh love!

Please, don’t ask…lol! my boo at this time was practicing christianity (he chose to do this on his own) but what he never knew was that I spent longer hours praying that he would convert to christianity! I put his picture permanently in between the book of psalms, hoping that the transformation would be instantaneous.
Then, one day…God answered my prayers!(Key: Patience. God’s time is the best).

(Presently, he is baptised and has received his first holy communion)

Finally, this day I thought will never come, finally did! We tied the knots… February 22 2003. Did you guys notice anything in the pix? *wink* Well, if you didn’t, then it’s either you are spiritually blind or physically blind! Hehehehe!

That day was the happiest day of my entire life, having to say those words “I do”,even though my dad refused to give me away by not being present at my wedding ( he apologised later and of course we made up).
Thoughts of spending the rest of your life with someone you truly love is worth fighting for! That day was the day I believed in the words : Love Conquers All. 

Our union produced these ‘SEEDS’.

Each day I look at them, I constantly praise the good Lord for blessing me with a good man!

Despite all odds, we have stuck together and work as a team because we are united in LOVE! God is indeed love…never ever forget that.

Boo, from the moment I first met you, ALL OF ME LOVED ALL OF YOU.
If I had to do this all over again, it will definitely be with you.
I love you forever xoxo.

Ok O! It’s a wrap…

14 thoughts on “MY LOVE STORY…

  1. Chi baby this sure gave me some goose pimples. I bless the name of the Lord for you guys. Your marriage will continue to be a blessing, your children will continue to surround your table, you will see your children's children to the fourth generation as decreed by the Lord of host. Your children will be for signs and wonders. My God will bless them with wisdom, knowledge and understanding. Your joy will be full to overflow over them in Jesus name amen. I love and appreciate you and my buddy boy FK. Happy anniversary. Igba odun, odun kan ni o.


  2. Chidinma Baby….HWA< welcome to the club of crossing that decade, i also just celebrated my 12th year Anniversary (Feb 16th)....we all have our beautiful love story to tell and all of us would always get stronger in our marriage...CONGRATS dear


  3. Chidi, congratulations on ur anniversary.
    I wish u many more blissfull yrs together. Wow! A truly amazing love story! Ofcourse, i rem u two back in school, but never wld ave guessed d hurdles u had to scale. God is love indeed!


  4. And oh! Here is wishing you many many more happy and blissful years ahead, your children are blessed in all they do. Together you both shall grow old and wax stronger in love, these I pray IJN, Amen!


  5. This got me tearing me up seriously because it is very similar to my own story, against all odds and my parents blatantly turning the other way; funny enough we were both from same denomination and same tribe. But I knew he was the man, together we fought and conquered! It's been 9 plus years since we met and 2 beautiful beautiful children and I keep blessing God everyday! I have since made peace with my parents as well. Thank you so so much for sharing, I'll sure make my husband read this 🙂 just to take him a lil back to those days lol. Finally you both look gorgeous on ur wedding day and that smile is priceless!


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