Yesterday, while hanging out with a cool friend, she asked a disturbing question, “Why do women hate each other? Why all the beefing?” I laughed and replied,”It’s in our genes to beef! It’s what makes us women! Some carry out their frustrations on other happy women!”

What I would like to say to my fellow women and wives is that your happiness lies in your hands. You need to learn to love and appreciate your self. Nobody can do that for. And it is not until you start the process of loving yourself will you start seeing the good in others.

Your husband does not have the key to your happiness. Neither does your family members and friends.

For starters, ask yourself genuinely what is really the problem? Why am I not happy? What are the things I really need to put in order in my life? Is it my home, my spiritual life, my finances, my academic life…take it one by one. Do not leave any stone unturned. You can only achieve this when you create a quiet time for yourself. Really!

Secondly, is there some fellow woman you admire or wish to be like! Please quit hating that person for who she is. Give that person a compliment and let that person know you admire her in all aspects. Pick up the courage and ask her how she makes her life appear so beautiful.

One thing we women must know is that “Man is not an island” and we can only improve ouselves with the help of others.

Remember, problems will always be there. It can never finish but if care is not taken, those problems can finish you. Invite God into your life. It is only Him, I repeat only Him that can uplift one’s burden. Don’t make your problems especially family matters a point of public discussion.

I must say I live a sort of selfish life in the sense that Me Comes First! *sorry, no apologies* I have to ensure that I am happy before I make you happy. Is it possible to give what you don’t have?

Finally, I would like to share with you the secret of my happiness (take it or leave it, na you saka!)
1. Be thankful to the One who created you (especially for being alive and well. That means there is a chance of a better tomorrow)
2. Be appreciative and grateful for what you get everyday (it could have been worse)
3. Be content (stop comparing your lives with other peoples’ own…you do not know the whole story. People will only show you what they want you to see which is the good side!)
4. Pay compliments. Learn to say nice things to people and watch them smile. It’s a good and godly thing to do. (When you start this, you will see your life transform magically, in and outwards)
5. Take care of your physical appearance…No compromise! From your hair to your skin to your clothes. If you have no clue, watch The Style Network or and start buying fashion magazines! You like it so go get it! No dulling! If your church does not permit good looks, leave that church and go to the one that permits it because you will just end up hating those women who are living the kind of life you want! #truthbetold
6. Have quiet moments you and you alone.
7. Do not be excessive in all things. Moderation is the key.
8. Life is about winning some and losing some. You can’t always be a winner.
9. Hang out with positive people.

Love Life, Live Life! (with God by your side O!)

Love you guys. Peace.


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