Trust me mummies and daddies, when I say this is the best  source of vitamins especially vitamin C for your kids.

We know how difficult it is to get our kids to consume fruits and veggies, but not to worry, I have the ultimate solution…WELCH’S FRUIT SNACK!!!

WELCH’S FRUIT SNACK is made from a complete blend of real mixed fruits(grape, pear,peach and pineapple) and fruit purees(strawberry,raspberry,orange and grape). It contains 100% vitamin C and 25% vitamins A and E.

The funniest part is that it is made in form of all those ‘gummy bear’ like sweets and so they keep reaching out for more. The more they eat, the healthier they are! Your child will be free from yama yama  disease. You will be guaranteed a healthier appetite. It can be used for faster healing of wounds, even boil sef!

So good bye to all those fake so-called ‘white vitamin C’ or ‘orange vitamin C’!

It’s available in good superstores but if you are having a hard time getting it, you can mail me at or text me on 08185553713.

N.B I am not marketing for anybody please O! I just want parents to be happy with their children’s health and wellbeing. So this info is for those that need it.

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