Has there being moments when you have been caught-up in a web of lies and deceit in your marriage? Not knowing if telling the whole truth and nothing but the truth could make or mar your marriage…Hmmm.

Even before marriage, a couple might have ‘skeletons’ in their wardrobe or might have had some awful past that they have put behind them but somehow this ‘past’ starts to haunt their future.

 For example, rekindling a relationship with an old flame and even as much as taking it to another level…if you know what I mean.

Or is it the wife that is involved in a hot steamy affair and can’t stand the touch of her husband at night…you better tell him or I go do telling myself if I know him, try me!

Or is it a wife that claims to have a child or children for her husband when it turns out to be someone else’s (even her supposed ex-boyfriend from her past). The worst part is when the owner of these children starts harassing her for his kids…Chai!

Or is a woman who never told her husband that she has been previously married and the marriage sef never even end!…no be bigamy be dat?!  *just asking*

Or a husband that has loads of children littered all over the continent and he then marries a lady who is ‘green’ in all manner of the word! *well, who no know go know!*

Or is a man who knew his HIV/HEPATITIS B status but never told his wife about it even after marriage…

Or is it the wife whose 1st child from another man (who turns out to be her father) and she keeps mum about it. Some Olofofos of her past decide it is time for her to tell her husband…imagine taking panadol for someone else’s headache O!    *I am not saying it is right either*

Or is it the wealthy husband who keeps fooling his wife that he has a normal office work when we all know the truth! Can he explain the sudden and mysterious death in his family or why his wife is barren or is the room in the house that remains permanently locked up…can he?!   *lips are sealed*

It is plenty my people…but what ever you do, keep it in mind that “Everyday is for the thief, but one day is for the owner”. Ask yourself, “Is your past getting in the way of your future? Is it affecting the way you relate with your spouse? Is your marital bliss dependent on your telling the truth of what went on in your past? Is somebody blackmailing you or threatening to tell your spouse about your past?

…My dear, all I have to say is that “It is time for you to tell the truth, no matter what!” Would you rather have someone else tell it for you…remember the person will add spice O! If your spouse really and truly loves you, he/she will hurt but they will forgive you..

Marriage built on deceit is no marriage so don’t deceive yourself!

Just Pray before you do anything sha! THE TRUTH WILL ALWAYS SET YOU FREE!

*Pls, don’t forget to share the outcome here. Will be sipping on juice and waiting*

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