I know there are some wives who are having issues with their mother in-laws (MIL) especially when it concerns their husbands. They are not sure who the ‘real’ wife is!

Some MILs move into their son’s home as soon as they get married…permanently, abandoning their own husbands! Their excuse is that ” there is no one to take care of me”. Meanwhile, she might have like 5 other children and this her son my just be the 1st or last son or child or in some worst case scenarios, only son or only child.
Now, without dragging this topic, your husband is a mama’s boy if he fits into any of this category:-
– he can’t make any decision without consulting his mother.
– he entrusts the affairs of your home in his mother’s care.
– every quarrel, arguments, gossip, in short, everything that happens in your marriage, your MIL has first hand knowledge. In some cases, you are kept in the dark.
– your husband depends on her for financial assistance.
– your MIL is the first person he runs to in time of need.
– he cannot complete a sentence without including “my mum” or “my mother”.
I have seen cases whereby it is a man’s mother who decides which or what woman is suitable for her son. Sometimes, she may go as far as breaking up the marriage and getting another wife for him, especially in infertility cases.
I know some bad situations where the MIL instructs her son to beat his wife when she ‘misbehaves’ and some idiotic husbands actually do it, even in front of her. *hisses*
Well, all I can say to you, wifey, if you have entered the marriage, just pray. If it is the marriage that involves domestic violence, sweetheart, please be a coward and exit that home and if possible marriage!
As for you husbands, grow up!!


Finally, my dear wifeys, add this to your prayer point- knowledge, understanding and wisdom. Ask for patience, guidance from the Holy spirit and God’s protection (especially from the fetish in-laws).

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