Wow, I am thrilled to say that a lot of women do care about their breasts and their lives, not to mention their families. The number of women interested in the forum and who booked online is awesome, though the number can be better.

I still don’t understand why some women wait till the last minute to book! Some have written personally begging for the forum to be shifted on a weekend because of school runs and office work. Of course, the date can be adjusted but the question now is “Saturday or Sunday?”…majority will win the vote, so start voting by sending NAME, AGE, PHONE NUMBERS AND DAY (WHETHER SATURDAY OR SUNDAY). Results will be announced on Sunday (this Sunday 20th).

Like I said, it is all about staying alive and healthy not being alive and sick! It will be an opportunity for you to ask Doctors questions pertaining to Breast Cancer and for those who have it, on how to deal with symptoms such as pain, as well as the psychological trauma. We will also get to learn how to feel the breasts properly for lumps and other things to look out for.

So if you like, miss out on this free opportunity. All I know is that when a woman dies from this preventable disease, the husband go mourn small and marry another wife, wey go probably maltreat her children. And the enjoyment wey the woman suppose to enjoy with her husband, na anoda woman go take her place. (I sound harsh abi, but na the truth be dat O!). Make we try abeg…as I dey write this message, one hand dey feel my breasts! Ok O! Be laffing!

I reject every spirit of breast cancer in our lives in Jesus name. I cast and bind any hovering evil lump, not just in our breasts and every part of our body in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen.

P.S. For those of you tatafoo majors disturbing me about the party wey I attend for “WIFE MEETS MISTRESS”…hol on nah, gist dey come! One thing at a time. THE SHOWDOWN! is what I go download…hot gist! But make we finish this important one first.


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