It is not funny again (as if it ever was)! I am referring to those women who do not want to live to reap the fruits of their labour! What would it take you to feel your breasts for lumps or to look out for any obvious change in front of the mirror?

The rate at which women in their reproductive ages are coming down with Cancer of the Breasts is alarming. Now, even early 20 somethings are having breast cancer. I recently lost a friend to breast cancer and that is because it wasn’t detected on time. And even when she found out, the thought of loosing her breast kept her further in denial. She wasted so much time that it gave the cancer room to grow, have ‘children’ and ‘grandchildren’. The cancer had spread to the bone and the brain.

She died last month after battling the cancer for 1year, leaving behind 4 beautiful children and a sad husband. She was only 34years old.

I need a minute…

Let me remind you women again the factors that makes one prone to cancer:

1. The fact that you are a woman with breasts puts you at risk (put that in your head)
2. Early menstruation e.g a child that starts menstruating at about say 8yrs (Hmmm…prayers)
3. Early menopause (when you suddenly stop menstruating at about age of say 35yrs (who wouldn’t be happy but mehn! not a good thing O!…prayers and see your gynaecologist)
4. Being older at the birth of your first child.
5. Never giving birth.
6. Not breastfeeding. (so if you like no give ya pikin milik!)
7. Long-term use of hormone-replacement therapy.(especially for women suffering from symptoms of menopause)
8. Family history of breast cancer in first degree relatives (mother, sister, daughter, father, son)
9. Excessive alcohol intake
10. Obesity
11. High intake of fatty foods
12. Lack of exercise
13. History of having another type of cancer in the body other than breast.
14. If it is in the genes (BRCA1 and BRCA2)
15. The older one gets, the more prone you are to it.

Anyway, the main issue is for you to always ensure you touch your breasts, menstruating or not menstruating, young or old. Cancer is no respecter of man!

Most women are having problems knowing how to examine the breasts even when they read it up on the internet. There is a technique to it. 

If you reside in Lagos, Naijahousewife is organising a Breast Cancer Awareness Forum for women on the 31st of October, 2013 at the Sickle Cell Centre, opposite Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH) Idiaraba . Time 12pm prompt. Women will have a hands-on practical session on Self-Breast Examination. That way you will not say you do not know how to touch you breasts.

 It is absolutely free!

Interested participants should send their names, age and phone numbers to naijahousewife@gmail.com for bookings.

It’s your life we are talking about here not anyone else’s, so if you like ignore. It can be anybody. 


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